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Any Condition Bitcoins
Sandton, Gauteng - South Africa

Any Condition Bitcoins Sandton, Gauteng - South Africa

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Any Condition Bitcoins Sandton, Gauteng - South Africa


Thank you for choosing ZarBit!

South Africa’s number one private Bitcoin Exchange. Offering the most competitive exchange rates in SA combined with the highest level of privacy and discretion for our clients. Our Bitcoin exchange service offers our clients the ability to place private and highly secure sell orders for their Bitcoins, paid out via cash deposit to any of the major banks in South Africa. Please review the below information to understand our “sell order” process, minimum and maximum order volumes, fees, exchange rates and other related info.


Our Exchange rate can be found at the following link,

Please scroll down mid-page to the XE Currency converter, change the currency from USD to ZAR and enter the volumes you would like to calculate. Alternatively you can download the XE Exchange app which is freely available on the Android and Apple app stores. When calculating please note that we calculate Bitcoin value rounded up to 4 decimal places (IE: 0.95285672356 BTC = 0.9529 BTC).


We do not charge any fixed conversion fees on our exchange rate and instead take a fee off the calculated total pay-out value of your sell order in ZAR.

Our fee structure is as follows:

>ZAR2500 (to) ZAR4999 = 5% off Pay-out

(EG: If you were to place a Bitcoin sell order for the equivalent of ZAR2500 you would receive: ZAR2500-5% = ZAR2375 in your bank account.)

>ZAR5000 (to) ZAR9999 = 2.5% off Pay-out

(EG: If you were to place a Bitcoin sell order for the equivalent of ZAR5000 you would receive: ZAR5000-2.5% = ZAR4875 in your bank account.)

>ZAR10000 (to) ZAR25000 = 1% off Pay-out

(EG: If you were to place a Bitcoin sell order for the equivalent of ZAR10000 you would receive: ZAR10000-1% = ZAR9900 in your bank account.)


>Minimum Sell Order in a Single Transaction: ZAR2500

>Maximum Sell Order in a Single Transaction: ZAR25000

*Please note sell orders are only available in multiples of ZAR100.

*If you wish to sell more than our Maximum Sell Order in a single transaction then no fee will be levied, however you will need to contact us to confirm whether we are able to pay-out the volume you require and to discuss an alternate pay-out method (bank transfer as opposed to cash deposit). 


1.    Contact us on our secure email providing relevant details about the sell order you wish to execute. (Please include the exact value in ZAR of Bitcoins you wish to sell).

2.  On receipt of your request we will provide you with an invoice over email showing the equivalent amount in Bitcoin you need to send (based on our exchange rate), a pay to Bitcoin address and a cut-off period/time that the invoice is valid for (60Minutes).

3.  Please reply to the above email before the cut-off period confirming your completed Bitcoin transfer and include your bank account details for us to execute your payment.

4.  Your payment will be executed by cash deposit to your South African Bank Account within 24hours of receipt of your confirmed Bitcoin transfer and bank account details.


AVAILABILITY/HOURS OF SERVICE: Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm.

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