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Shen Mantra Training International Thai Yoga Massage Course
Cape Town, Western Cape - South Africa

Shen Mantra Training International Thai Yoga Massage Course Cape Town, Western Cape - South Africa

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Shen Mantra Training International Thai Yoga Massage Course Cape Town, Western Cape - South Africa


INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED, DIPLOMA LEVEL, with 15 years of worldwide experience in the teaching of Thai Massage.

Accredited By:

FHT (UK), Ctha (UK), Thai Alliance (Th), LANNA Medical (Th), ITTA (US), FITTM (It)

This course is designed to prepare trainees to perform Thai Massage professionally and teaches the classic 180 minute traditional Thai massage routine as taught at all the prestigious Schools in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thai culture, history, philosophy and traditions will help to enrich the course. The principles of alignment, safety and good practitioner body mechanics will be taught and students will have plenty of time to practice what they have learned 1-on-1 in a supportive environment.

This course is equivalent to Level 1 & 2 courses taught at other schools. Also referred to as, Thai Yoga Massage, Nuat Phaen Boran, Nuat Thai, Thai Bodywork, Thai Therapy, Thai Yoga Therapy etc.

Ancient Thai Massage is a unique form of Body Therapy that incorporates Hata Yoga, Reflexology, meridian work and Acupressure. 

Course Overview:


A practical and theoretical training in the art of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage where you will learn the complete traditional set of Thai Massage in the Front, Side, Back and Sitting positions, following the northern Thailand style of teaching of Chiang Mai Schools as follows:

* 134 positions, each one with diagrams, photographs and descriptions

* Stretching, Mobilizations and Deep pressure techniques to release muscle tension and improve flexibility

* All relevant muscle and skeletal A&P

* A background to Chinese Medicine and SEN theory

* Safe practice techniques

* Myofascial trigger points for each area of technique

* Stretching; how to work with key muscle reflexes

The course is suitable for:


* Complete beginners thinking of starting a career in body work.

* Professional Therapists, Massage & Beauty/Spa Therapists already working with alternative therapies who wish to further their skills & studies.

* Yoga teachers, Pilates Instructors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists,

  Dancers and Sports people, who will find Thai Yoga Massage invaluable for increasing their hands-on skills.

Course Requirements:


- Completion of 5 Case Studies (4 treatments per case study for a total of 20 treatments; up to 2 months after completion of the course is allowed)

- A practical examination lasting 3 hours

Length of Course:


The course consists of 10 lessons (+ 2* later stage re-fresher classes) and equals to 72 hours. Each lesson begins with a lecture and demonstration, followed by all day supervised practice. Unlike other courses, we do not divide training in Level 1 and 2 as in order to practice and understand the full sequence the whole training has to be undertaken.

Once qualified, Students will also benefit from ongoing training days where at no extra cost they will be assisting the Tutor with new classes with the role of Student/Assistant.

Course Dates & Fees:


Course: Thai Yoga Massage Diploma

Internationally Accredited: ITM (Th), FHT (UK), Thai Alliance, FITTM (IT), ITTA

Course Fee:* R6500

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Venue: Milnerton Yoga Studio

Dates: Please check our websites for updated courses/dates/info

+ 2 additional refresher days that will be booked at a later stage according to individual trainees needs.

To Book: Visit our website or or email us:

PLEASE NOTE: Price includes full length of course, both Level 1 & 2.

We emphasize small class sizes to insure that each student receives the maximum personal attention possible.

Successful completion of this Diploma course will provide you with the professional title of “Thai Yoga Massage Therapist”, and the knowledge and techniques needed to give a treatment.

Visit our website for news, information, and everything related to Thailand and Traditional Thai Massage & check out our training gallery.

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