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Water Greymont, Gauteng - South Africa


Gauteng Water Pollution 28 September 2010

The news has been full of the possibility that we would not be able to drink tap water within the next few years. (See articles taken from the web listed below)

I can supply you with pure and clean bottled water with your OWN
Company, function or brand label on the bottle.

Contact Helena 073 136 0206 for a quote.

The Benefits of Bottled Water

Travelling:Bottled water is easy to drink while driving down the road.
It hydrates much better than coffee or fizzy drinks, and as it has a
lid, it’s less likely to spill. Even if it does, it won’t stain most clothing.
Emergency Preparedness:One of the biggest problems after a disaster is a lack of clean drinking water. Damage to sewers and water mains can mix the nasty stuff and leave you without either. Keeping a supply on hand can relieve at least one worry after something has happened.
Convenience: There are no dirty dishes to wash, and having it next to your computer instead of coffee can prevent sticky spills into the
Proper Hydration: Most people are dehydrated. We don’t drink enough
water, and the fluids we do use tend to be caffeinated. That doesn’t
help, as caffeine acts like a diuretic, making the problem worse. I’ve
tried an experiment, and here are the results. If a liquid is sitting
next to where I’m working, I will unconsciously drink it. It doesn’t
matter what it is. It’s amazing how fast it disappears and I don’t
even know I’m drinking it.
Weight Loss: Many beverages have considerable calories, water has none. It also has no caffeine, which can cause water weight gain. It flushes out toxins, rather than adding more, which can also help weight loss.

Report reveals rotten state of SA’s sewage plants

SA’s water time bomb
September 29 2010 at 07:32am
The Mercury
By Tony Carnie //

Polluted mine water under scrutiny
Allan Seccombe | Mon, 22 Feb 2010 14:20

Water crisis mounting
Sep 28, 2010 5:43 PM | By Sapa

South Africa’s poisoned water
17 May 2010

Title: Can SA afford to continue polluting its water resources? – With
special reference to water pollution in two important catchment areas
Authors: Roux, S
Oelofse, S
de Lange, W
CSIR Conference 2010 Issue Date: 1-Sep-2010 Publisher: CSIR

Gold mine ‘polluting stream’
2010-03-02 09:04
Elise Tempelhoff


General corporate and promotional products - let’s see if we cannot
find something different and exciting,
Labeled water - use it as your liquid business card with your function or company details on the bottle,
911 Energy drink - does not contain GLUCORONOLACTONE - no heart palpitations
Wire Lotus Flowers locally handcrafted - use it as a de-stressing
creative device, as a bracelet, massager or hair accessory,
Magnetic Hematite Jewelery HANDMADE IN S.A. - helps with blood
circulation and pain or wear it for the beauty and versatility,
Good oil based imitation perfume (only R80.00 per bottle) - agents needed,
Biltong - wonderful taste,
House and factory maintenance etc.

I have had more than 20 years experience in the market and could
possibly trace any product or service you might require.

Helena Doulgeris
073 136 0206
Freelancer for various products

skype: helena.doulgeris

alternate e-mail:

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