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Permanent Internal Sales Consultant
Jet Park, Gauteng - South Africa

Permanent Internal Sales Consultant Jet Park, Gauteng - South Africa

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Permanent Internal Sales Consultant Jet Park, Gauteng - South Africa



Creating, improving and administering the relationship bonds with the new clients
Making the clients acquainted with the details of the commodities produced and services offered by the company
Making sure that the services and commodities of the company are sold-out properly and within the given time
Recognizing, identifying and settling the company and client matters
Resolving client matters as per the instructions received from the organization
Conveying the client calls of the organization to the right working associates as required as per the caller’s instructions
Making sure that he/she follows all the client enquiries of the establishment till the time they are settled
Saving and storing the client records, documents and other work related notifications of the company
Making sure that the unit administrator of the organization is updated with the customer trends and specialized issues
Achieving the aims and targets of the clients and the organization and offering outstanding customer services
Modifying the sales methods and procedures of the establishment and enforcing new process enhancements by providing advice
Making sure that the assigned sales plans and programs of the organization are implemented as per their agreement with the rules and regulations of attendance
Assisting other trade organizations in enhancing their sales drive and explaining about various products and services to the clients
Yielding sales and achieving the requirements of the clients of the establishment
Updating himself/herself with all the latest information and technological developments of the sales field
Leading the clients of the establishment towards fulfilling their needs and administrating and overseeing the sales domain
Developing and maintaining the client base of the organization
Creating sales methods and techniques and maintaining the client interaction records of the company

Job Requirements:
The candidate must be dynamic, self motivated and a go getter.

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