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CALLCENTER AGENTS - Sales Jobs Gold Reef City and Ormonde, Gauteng - South Africa

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CALLCENTER AGENTS - Sales Jobs Gold Reef City and Ormonde, Gauteng - South Africa


1. Key Performance Areas
1.1 Telephonic Sales
5.1.1 Learning and understanding products, including the description, market positioning, and terms and conditions of the product;
5.1.2 Selling products in accordance with prescribed Targets;
5.1.3 Enhancing sales processes and improving sales tactics; and
5.1.4 Ensure that a minimum of 100 potential customers have been contacted per working day.
5.1.5 Meet a monthly Target of a minimum of 100 sales per month for the
5.1.6 Must comply with the prescribed sales scripts, and may not materially change the content, when selling.
1.2 Sales Administration
You will be expected to provide the following daily sales administration:
5.2.1 Comply with the companies requirements for the processing of payments for sales;
5.2.2 Ensure that proof of payments are recorded and stored to the CRM System.
5.2.3 Follow up with all “warm”/“hot” leads and undertakings to customers punctually.
5.2.4 Report back to management as required.
5.2.5 Log a new case file on the V.Tiger System for every new case and log commentary on all follow up calls detailing work done.
1.3 Mandatory Performance Management
5.3.1 You are expected to comply without exception to all reasonable Total Quality Management Rules & or standards which include but may not be limited to: Ensure that you are logged onto the NCC by 8h00 and are not logged out before 17h00 on all working weekdays. No calls should be abandoned when logged onto the NCC; Never viewing or issuing a free credit report without verifying that same was not issued in the last 12 months and thereafter, ensuring that express valid request for such a from a customer without a proper sales pitch for the Credit Pulse Report and/ or other appropriate product; All callers must be treated with courtesy, friendliness, helpfulness, empathy and exceptional manners, ensuring words like “please”, “thank you for calling”, “how can I help you”, “I am so sorry to hear that” etc. are used in every call handled. The performance target for converting calls into sales is 20% (a sale being defined as when a client has paid and monies have been received into a Bank Account for a product purchased from the employee).

6. Skills required

Sales Training, Experience and Ability, Product Knowledge and On-site Training.

7. Compulsory skills

7.1 Good English and/ or SA language speaking, reading and writing

7.2 Punctuality and effective time management

7.3 Proficiency in telephonic communication and simultaneous data capturing on the CRM System

7.6 Computer literacy (Internet and Email) and Microsoft: Office/ Excel/ Word & PowerPoint

8.1 Positive, dynamic and friendly

8.2 Ethical, competent and thorough

8.3 Creative, pro-active and resourceful

8.4 Self- disciplined and independent

8.5 Participative and team oriented

8.6 Good leadership ability

8.7 Loyalty and reliability

8.8 Excellent Communication ability

8.9 Very good telephone manner and communication ability

8.10 Excellent customer care skills and ability to build good relationships with people

10. Remuneration and Performance

Contact : 011 079 3699

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