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E.E.S.R.U.F PERSONAL PROTECTION PROGRAM - Safety & Security Services
Ermelo, Mpumalanga - South Africa

E.E.S.R.U.F PERSONAL PROTECTION PROGRAM - Safety & Security Services Ermelo, Mpumalanga - South Africa

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E.E.S.R.U.F PERSONAL PROTECTION PROGRAM - Safety & Security Services Ermelo, Mpumalanga - South Africa


EESRUF a community security emergency response group. we monitor social media networks for Any emergencies then despatch services as needed contact our base Control Centre

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SAPS, The Hawks, Operational Command Centres, War Rooms, Crime Intelligence, Violent Crimes & Technology Support NPO (VCAT), Recoveri Microdot, Vehicle Tracking Companies, Security Companies, community crowdsourcing, and Emergency Response & Prevention Centre (EPRC).

we have EESRUF SOS 911 Whatsapp groups Telegram groups , Facebook and zello walkie talkie groups.
We offer our services on a National basis and can respond within seconds.
Our emergency security application is directly linked to two control room centres.Monitored 24/7 by professional despatchers.
The app comes with a free anytime anywhere panic button once you are a premium subscriber
*What can the application do*.
Perfect for CPF groups
You can despatch emergency services.
You can report crime via the app directly to our despatch
You can do vehicle registration checkups
and many more.
We have a MDDR tracing system on the app, should you ever be kidnapped , we can find you in seconds.

More detailed information
EESRUF APP is a singular platform that connects South Africans to most branches of emergency services country-wide. We launched Together SA CAN back in 2003 with the goal of uniting all emergency services role players into “South Africa’s 911 emergency system.” In 2013 we established it as a non-profit company whose primary function is to facilitate and co-ordinate responses to emergencies anywhere in South Africa, anytime. TrackBox is our technology that makes this collaboration bigger, better and faster. Living up to our motto of ANYTHING! ANYTIME! ANYWHERE!

With the occurrence of violent crimes at an all-time high and theft on the rise, you need to be prepared to protect yourself, your loved ones and your belongings. That’s where MDDR comes in to save the day – and potentially your life.

Ever wondered how your loved ones could come to your aid in an emergency situation if you weren’t able

to call for help yourself? Or vice versa? TrackBox have made it easier than ever with the Mobile Device Data Recording app. Using the same technology as in-flight aircraft data recorders, missing persons and hostages can be tracked through their mobile phones with this ground-breaking app. It is designed to support the E.E.S.R.U.F Emergency app.

An emergency call to the Emergency Response and Prevention Centre (ERPC) is initiated by a customer or a nominated emergency contact.
The Violent Crimes & Technology Support NPO (VCAT) agent will retrieve the victims emergency contacts and call each one until they get through to one.
While on the line, they will ask if the contact is willing to authorise the unlocking of the MDDR app on the victim’s phone for high level tracking and data retrieval.
If they agree, the VCAT agent sends an OTP to the emergency contact and to the National Duty Officer.
While on the phone, the VCAT agent enters the OTP that was sent to the emergency contact and gets the authorization from the National Duty Officer.
After entering both OTPs, a case is opened and the VCAT agent can unlock the MDDR app on the victim’s phone and view live and historically recorded data.
This pioneering tracking technology will only be used in high level investigations and for life-saving intervention purposes, as well as stolen cell phone recovery. The collection of mobile device data will assist and facilitate the investigation of:

Armed Home and Business Robbery
Hostage Situations
Missing Persons Cases
Serious and Violent Crimes
Vehicle Accidents & Reconstruction
Mobile Device Anti-Theft and Recovery
Anti-Data Theft, Spyware and Privacy Protection.

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