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Integraltelecom - Safety & Security Services
Elspark, Gauteng - South Africa

Integraltelecom - Safety & Security Services Elspark, Gauteng - South Africa

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Integraltelecom - Safety & Security Services Elspark, Gauteng - South Africa


Installing a home security system can mean the difference between worrying about your family and property and restful peace of mind. Stop and think about all those moments when you weren’t sure if you locked the door or left the stove on while away for the weekend. How about the first time you decide to leave teenagers home while taking the spouse out for an anniversary — stressful. Here are 10 reasons a home security system can mean the difference between anxiety and relaxation.
Personal Notifications: Home security systems can be designed to send emergency notifications to your smartphone or other devices in real time. This allows you to monitor your property 24/7. Knowledge equals comfort.
Monitoring Company: Many people set up their security system with a monitoring company that can filter out accidental alerts and let you know about those that require immediate attention.
Nanny Cam: We’ve all heard the news and seen videos of abusive babysitters and caregivers. Having an in-home security camera allows you to watch or record what happens while you aren’t there. Keeping family safe is job one.
The Kids Are Alright: As children grow up, parents increase the amount of time they can be home alone. But they will always your babies and you’ll worry. Being able to get a visual through the CCTV security system will help you breathe a little easier.
Senior Moments: Elderly parents and grandparents are vulnerable to slip and falls. Checking on their well-being is a great way to reciprocate family love.
Lights On: Having a home security system that activates when someone or something enters your property can prevent a problem before it happens. If you set lights to go on when tripped, intruders are likely to leave. The same holds true for animals getting into your trash and making a mess.
Sound the Alarm: There’s no better deterrent than a loud alarm to repel intruders and burglars.
Fire Protection: One of the great things about a CCTV security system is your ability to get swift notifications and see potential problems. Smoke detectors can be triggered by fireplaces and even burnt toast. On the other hand, a real blaze requires quick response. Seeing the difference between a misfire and real fire can make a huge difference.
Mother Nature: High winds, flooding and other forces of nature can put your property in harm’s way. Monitoring systems help you to take preventative action or let you relax knowing everything is okay.
Knock Knock: A CCTV security system is often thought of as a way to monitor your home while not there. But when there’s an unexpected late-night knock at the door or noise outside, you can look around the property by just picking up your phone or device. A home security system provides peace of mind whether you’re away or sitting in the living room

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