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Trio Supplies - Safety & Security Services
Boshof, Free State - South Africa

Trio Supplies - Safety & Security Services Boshof, Free State - South Africa

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Trio Supplies - Safety & Security Services Boshof, Free State - South Africa


Trio Supplies are the suppliers of Tamper Evident envelopes/bags/pouch. Tamper-evident bags/envelopes must often be used to guard access to evidence, providing means of storing items and samples in a way which can be used to prove that they were not altered after their collection.  These envelopes are one in all the simplest ways that to cut back the chance of somebody tampering along with your info or product. When somebody tries to tamper the envelope the word “VOID” can be visible, that indicates the proof of tampering. Tamper evident envelopes are very durable, peel and seal envelopes which may leave a transparent and indelible mark to any try of unauthorized opening, therefore be ready to offer excellent optical opaqueness and guarantee most confidentiality.

Advantages of Tamper evident envelopes

• The strength of the envelope is extremely high as compared to paper/cloth/laminated and polynet envelope.  Self adhesive envelope. (Permanent adhesive)
• It provides evidence or proof as when it is tampered with.  The word “VOID” will appear on the envelope.
• Weather and water resistant
• Sequential number and barcode can be printed on every envelope which is useful to track and trace.
• Easy to maintain the inventory bags and envelopes.
• Very less weight compares to standard envelopes
• Rip, tear and puncture resistance as all envelopes stand upto the rough handling that occur during mailing, shipping and delivery.
• Easy to write with ball point pen or permanent marker.
• Environment friendly that is 100% recyclable.
Special Features:

• Reliable special security seal which shows evidence of tampering.
• Includes serial numbers or bar-coding.
• Security edge print on the side seals.
• Extremely sturdy tear resistant double shrink welds.

Tamper Evident Tapes.

Tamper evident tape is also called security tapes. They are used to secure your high valuables or sensitive shipments. The high-quality one time use adhesive will leave a mark on the tape itself as a proof of tampering; the word “VOID” or “OPEN” will appear thereby preventing counterfeiting, theft and unauthorized access of your cargo or products.


• Protects your equipment and cargo.
• Used for cartons, pallets and containers.
• Indicates a sign of tampering.

Tamper Evident Labels.

Tamper Evident labels with high quality bonding agent which will stick to most surfaces.  The word “OPEN” or “VOID” will be visible if peeled off. These labels are just one time use and are available in 3 differing types.
1) Total Transfer
2) Partial Transfer
3) Non-transfer.

1) Distinctive serial numbers,
2) Barcoding.

• To limit the movement or discourage unauthorized entry,
• Safe movement of Gold and alternative precious metals,
• Inflight security,
• Aircraft and vehicle security,
• Charity collection boxes etc.


Under the guidelines laid by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) any purchase at duty-free of liquids, aerosols and Gel should be kept in STEB bags for safe keep and secure transport.

• Heavy duty, tear resistant transparent bags.
• Strong handle to hold significant weight.
• Can be customized to the client’s demand.
• Personal branding/advertising is possible.
• Sequential numbers and bar coding system.

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions or inquiry.

Thanks and regards,

Trio Supplies
P. O.  Box: 109497
Abu Dhabi – UAE.
PH.  No. 00971 2 6746454
Fax No. 00971 2 5538181

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