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Fraternitatis Solis
Benoni, Gauteng - South Africa

Fraternitatis Solis Benoni, Gauteng - South Africa

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Fraternitatis Solis Benoni, Gauteng - South Africa


We search, hunt and contain Truth

We are researches into the unknown. It is not enough, to know, only what this ‘world expects us to know. It is our right to be all that we are meant to be and reach the very highest understanding that we are in the position to receive. It is an honour to understand how all life fits together and it aligns the desired harmony that injects power back into our lives. What is around you is wonderful,....yes,.........but there is more,............lots more! Do not settle for any lesson or course that does not bear fruit in your life, you are a magnificent being, you should know and live it!

When are you going to make up your mind and begin taking control of your life….do you think you already have it? perhaps you need to think that through a bit! unless you have control….you dont! Do You?

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Price:R150 per month
Independent Coursework
•Theory of Everything (TOE01,2,3)
•Applied Magick (MARIT01,2 3,4,5)
•Life Healing (HEA01,2)
•Kabbala (KAB01)
•History (HIST01)
•Groundwork Principles (GRDWrk 1,2, 3)

These courses are not designed to be taken independantly but rather the student will be taken through a structured process of learning all the above while applying it into their life.

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