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Canine Theraputic Massage
Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

Canine Theraputic Massage Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

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Canine Theraputic Massage Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa


Doggie Massage
You enjoy a good massage, so why wouldn’t your dog? Dog massages are available at The Royal Pooch and co. We offer a 15 minute warm relaxation massage as well as professional sports massage by a qualified sports massage therapist.
Advocates of canine massage will tell you it provides numerous health benefits: improved circulation, stress and pain relief, better digestion, and heightened immunity, amongst others. And aside from any medical benefits, there’s the simple fact that it feels good.
A true dog massage is more than just petting. A combination of long, slow strokes, drumming, kneading and pressure are used on the entire body — muzzle, ears, neck, shoulders, chest, legs, along the sides of the spine, and down the tail.
• R55 – relaxation massage
• R120 to R250 for a sports and remidial massage depending on time spent and the size of the dog
• Go to for more info on canine massage

Professional Canine massage can be offered for relaxation, rehabilitation or competition purposes (Therapeutic or sports massage). The benefits of massage for our canine friends are equivalent to the benefits experienced by us humans.

Canine Massage Therapy is a natural, clinical therapy that has many physiological and psychological benefits for our fury friends, including the following:

·      Improves blood and lymph circulation
·      Releases stored toxins in muscle tissue
·      Relaxes and relieves tension
·      Reduces stiffness
·      Improves athletic performance by keeping the muscle fibres in good condition
·      Improved mental focus and attitude (maybe link to behaviour rather?)
·      Promotes healthy skin and coat by distributing natural oils.
·      Reduces exercise-induced injury,
·      Improves range of motion (R.O.M.)
·      Improves flexibility,
·      Shortens recovery time between competitions by maximising the flow of oxygen to the muscles through increased
      blood circulation.
·      Helps to provide pain relief from chronic conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.

With a variety of sports and remedial massage techniques, I am able to manipulate the muscles, connective tissues, ligaments and tendons which will improve muscle function and will also have an effect on the posture.

Canine massage therapy should never be used as a substitute for veterinary care. However, just like with humans, massage in conjunction with medical care is very beneficial.

I am a qualified sports and remedial massage therapist with a profound understanding of the body, having worked with sports professionals in many disciplines, such as:

◦    PSL side Bidvest Wits
◦    Gauteng Lions Rugby team
◦    Joel Stransky
◦    Team Skyprofessional cyclist and Tour de France winner,Chris Froome.

I have always had an immense passion for dogs. Through furthering my knowledge of the canine anatomy and physiology,
I am now able provide the same benefits that my human patients receive to man’s best friend.

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