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Wellington, Western Cape - South Africa

CAT'S BEST OKO PLUS Wellington, Western Cape - South Africa

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CAT'S BEST OKO PLUS Wellington, Western Cape - South Africa



New to South Africa, this fantastic litter is being imported from Germany by V&E Distributors in South Africa.

There is nothing like it, so cat owners, brace yourselves…!

Cat’s Best Oko Plus is made from wood and plant materials, and is lightweight and soft on paws.  Because of its SUPERB clumping qualities (with 700% absorbsion), no urine can seap through to the bottom of your litter tray, and you won’t have any unpleasant cat urine odours!

This eco-friendly litter is 100% organic, compostable and bio-degradable, so you can flush it down your toilet, or add it to your compost heap.

As it contains no harmful chemicals, it is safe for kittens too.

You only dispose of the clumps of soiled litter, and the rest of the litter tray remains completely clean and FREE of odours.  You just top up with new litter to keep the litter tray levels high.  This makes Cat’s Best VERY economical - you don’t have to clean out the entire tray and you waste no litter!!

The response we’ve had from clients is amazing - you simply HAVE to give this a try, especially if you are fed-up with cat urine odours, and if you want a more economical litter.

Cat’s Best is available in three sizes, with easy-to-carry handles:

•5 litre bags (2.25kg)
•10 litre bags (4.5kg)
•20 litre bags (9kg)
For more information, or to find your local supplier contact V&E Distributors.

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