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Calf Jackets
Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng - South Africa

Calf Jackets Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng - South Africa

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Calf Jackets Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng - South Africa


Cozy Hoves Calf Jackets, for warmer, drier, healthier calves. A Calf Jacket should always be on hand for protection against the stresses of South Africa’s rapidly changing weather. Cozy Hooves Calf Jackets helps to create a barrier against wetness, cold air and sudden temperature drops etc. and help allow the calf to put more energy into growth. The Calf Jacket has an outer layer of tough, water proof, nylon in military green and is insulated with padding (same as used in wind breakers) for additional protection. For durability, the Cozy Hooves Calf Jacket is quilted which also keeps the insulation evenly dispersed for best efficiency. The Cozy Hooves Calf Jacket is easy to keep clean as mud, manure and bedding don’t easily stick to the smooth surface of the waterproof outer layer, so one can easily brush off any dirt.

Our Calf Jacket keeps its shape with repeated machine washing. We recommend washing it on the gentle cycle and then leave it to air dry. 

Cozy Hooves Calf Jackets comes in 2 sizes, Small and Medium. The small jacket fit well on Jersey calves and twins. The medium jacket is for larger calves and bigger breeds. Adjustable front strap and back leg elastic allow snug comfortable fit for growing calves.

Calves wearing Cozy Hooves Calf Jackets during the first few weeks after birth, are better able to use nutrients and energy for improved growth rates.

Cozy Hooves Calf Jackets are easy to use :
Simply put the cover on the calf’s back, guide the rear legs through the elastic straps, then fasten the quick release buckle under the head.

Proven performance :
Research trials conducted at North Dakota State University demonstrated that significant performance gains can be achieved by calves wearing calf covers. Dairy calves gained an extra 14 pounds during the 65-day trial as compared to the non-blanketed control calves. The study also showed that calf covers are of most benefit during the first three weeks of life to calves living outside or in hutches.   

To order please contact us on cell: 076 751 8513

Prices: Small @ R165 each
          Medium @ R185 each

Postage is extra.

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