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Contract Artist
Sandton, Gauteng - South Africa

Contract Artist Sandton, Gauteng - South Africa

Available: 9 yrs, 2 ms ago
Contact: Penny Mtshali

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Contract Artist Sandton, Gauteng - South Africa


What kind of artist are you? What kind of passion stirs up a storm of colours like the mixtures of an oil painting?  Perhaps clever photography, innovative sculpting, striking jewellery design, industrial design for the 21st century? Maybe you’re a mixed-media artist, performance artist, fashion designer, glass artist or crafter?
Either way, if its art that you stand for, then we want you right now. Yes you, and right now!
We want those who are passionate about their calling, with creativity and beauty at the essence of their being! But most importantly we want a story to tell the world, and we know only your masterpieces can explain the beauty in it.
Gone are the days of fighting to make a name for yourself and get the attention of the right people. It’s time to get the global exposure you deserve and create a brand for yourself in the international marketplace!
Kindly go to our website www.digitalbydesign where you can send us an email with some interesting information about yourself and a portfolio of your work. We will invite you to present your artworks and see if you are an ideal fit for our new platform. If you are reading this it could just be you.

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