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Skip Hire Pros - Skip Hire
Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

Skip Hire Pros - Skip Hire Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

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Skip Hire Pros - Skip Hire Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa


Skip Hire Pros
Need to hire a skip? Call us today!
Have a massive amount of waste to dispose of? Choose a skip!  We deliver to your properties, you fill it and then we pick up - it’s as easy as that!
Reach us for skip leasing services in Johannesburg.
Our skip bins are great for:

Trash from shops
Building rubble
General rubbish
Backyard rubbish
Event rubbish
Leftover metal
Demolition rubbish
Dust and soil

Skip Hire Pros
Address: 100 Johannesburg Rd, Lyndhurst, Johannesburg City, 2192
087 250 0308
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Debris removal service in Johannesburg. Looking for reliable skip hire? You Call, We Deliver? You fill, We Collect, We dump your waste responsibly?.

Skip rentals in Johannesburg near you!
Skip leasings in Johannesburg
Forget your tours to the dumping ground all over again.  Hire a skip, load it up and we will pick up when you are done!
Fill up the online form, select your delivery and collection days, and afterwards wait for us.
We offer a 2-day turnaround to pick up the skip, but you can also keep it for a longer timeframe.

Renting a skip for your home
Residential Skip Hires
Have excessive refuse for your local municipal waste collection to pick up? Try skip hire! We drop it off at your home, you fill it up and then we pick up it.
Our domestic skips can be used for:
Garden refuse
Spring cleaning
General refuse
Remodelling refuse
Renting a skip for your business
Commercial Skip Hires
We offer skip hires for commercial objectives.
Skips are simple and a hygienic way to dispose of refuse.
Keep the skips at your premises for your desired timeframe and let us know when we should pick up them.
Our commercial skips are great for:
Offices that are being restored
Companies that generate lots of refuse
Garden services
Fill our convenient online form or call us for more information.

Construction skip rentals available
Construction Skip Hires
Property areas produce a lot of junk and rubbish, which can be very pricey to remove.
You can either hire 2 mini cubes, 6 midi cubes, or 11 maxi cubes.
Fill the internet-based form to get the skip delivered and picked up.
A variety of different skip sizes available
Skip Sizes
Our skips can accommodate any kind of requirement in 3 hassle-free sizes:
Mini (2 cubes).
Midi (6 cubes).
Maxi (11 cubes).
A mini skip bin can be chosen for residence refuse. You will be able to pick up 2 Venter trailers worth of waste in the mini skip bin.
If your business place requires 30 your local municipal waste collection bins to dispose of the refuse, you can use midi sizes skips.
Maxi skips can be chosen to dispose of building and construction area refuse due to their two times size as that of midi skips.
Skip Delivery and Collection in Johannesburg
Skip Shipment and Collection in Johannesburg.
Skip delivery services are offered for the Johannesburg area! Skip hires can be chosen for many days too and once you are ready for the collection, contact us.
Simply fill up in the internet-based form for a free estimate or phone today to discuss your skip rental requirements.

Skip Rental Prices
Skip Rent Costs
Skip rent expenses are divided on a per skip basis. The expenses also rely on how long you keep the skips.
For a 2-day rent, you need to pay:
Mini (2 cubes) skip: R 700
Midi (6 cubes) skip: R 1500
Maxi (11 cubes) skip: R 2800
Our rates include skip delivery and collection anywhere in Johannesburg.
Responsible Dumping of your Waste
You can rely on our safe and eco-friendly dump disposal.
It is our duty to take the recyclable dump to the specialized plant and the non-recyclable dump to a certified landfill dumping ground.
We will never illicitly dump your dump.
Why you should consider hiring a skip
If you have more refuse than your local municipal waste collection, then our rent is the best resolution. A skip rent can save your money and time and is best for:
Rubbish generated at the events, eating places, and outlets
Waste generated at building and construction sites
Residential refuse including items used at household and lawn refuse
Not sure which skip is appropriate for you? Get in touch with us today and we will aid!

What are you Allowed to put into your Skip
Apart from the unsafe waste materials, you can put any type of rubbish, trash, or junk into the skip. Our next step is to properly throw away the waste either at a reprocessing unit or at a land fill.
Get in touch with us if you have any questions or for a free quotation.
Debris Extraction.
Are you managing a building site or looking to renovate your residence? Hire a skip, effortlessly dump the junk and contact us when you want it to be picked up.
For more information and a free quotation, fill the online form.

Frequently Asked Question
In which locations do you deliver the skips?
Our services are supplied through greater Johannesburg. Just call us to pick up the skip when it is loaded - yes, we make it that easy!
For how many days I can keep the skip?
You can keep the skip for as long as you need! Some of our consumers hire skips for 24-48 hours, and some keep skips for keeps.
We are here to support your requirements and you can consult with us here to learn more.
What can I put in the skip?
You should stay clear of dumping unsafe waste in the skip. We recycle the waste at a far location. We lawfully dump non-recyclable waste at a garbage dump.

How much does it cost for a skip rental?
The cost of rental varies around the overall size and days you choose to keep the skip. Our rates are as mentioned below:
Mini (2 cubes) skip: R 700
Midi (6 cubes) skip: R 1500
Maxi (11 cubes) skip: R 2800
How can I calculate the overall size of skip I need?
A mini skip is ideal for residence or lawn refuse as it can serve 2 Venter trailers worth of refuse. Midi skips are great for industrial dump due to their 3X overall size than mini skips while maxi skips are great for dumping building and construction site dump.
We offer a free refuse extraction assessment when you fill out this easy online form here!
Do you recycle the refuse after you pick up it?
After picking up the refuse, we take it to the recycle plant. The rest of the refuse is taken to a land fill. We never utilize illegal refuse disposal techniques.
Is skip any better than a truck or bakkie?
Getting a skip is often more cost-efficient than utilizing a bakkie or truck to dispose of your refuse. It is far easier to dump the dump inside and wait for us to pick it up.

Can I use a skip without any trouble?
Yes, it is really easy! It calls for really little initiative to toss the junk inside a skip and you don’t even need a ladder or equipment. All you need to do is toss the trash inside and forget. We handle the rest!
Is it the ideal thing to choose a skip service?
your local municipal waste collection can only dispose of one roller weekly. If there’s more trash than one roller container, you have to discard it by yourself. While a bakkie or truck will cost you more and is a cumbersome refuse removal approach. Pick skip service and save your initiative, time, and money.
Get a totally free quote by getting in touch with us here!

I want to make sure that the recyclable refuse goes to a reusing location - is it possible?
Yes, we recycle the recyclable materials in a reusing location within that area. Other dump is disposed of in a landfill location.
I might need to discuss before I hire a skip - is it possible?
Yes, why not? Call us or send a message to discuss your refuse removal needs.

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Account Name: Skip Hire Pros
User Since: 14 Apr 2021
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