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Jan Holtzhausen Marketing Help
Nigel, Gauteng - South Africa

Jan Holtzhausen Marketing Help Nigel, Gauteng - South Africa

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Jan Holtzhausen Marketing Help Nigel, Gauteng - South Africa


I have been in the online industry for a few years now and have felt like I have constantly been hitting a brick wall when it comes to getting leads. Maybe you feel a little lost or overwhelmed in this world, maybe you feel you may have alienated a few friends or family members along the way. The thing is, we are being taught the wrong methods. We, as affiliates, are asked to spread the word of our opportunity at the expense of our reputation. Unfortunately a lot of us become human spam bots while we force feed our products or services to prospects.
“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” — Theodore Roosevelt.

It is about becoming a person of value and being able to help solve their problems. It is about actually caring about people. This is the way that online marketing is moving towards today and if you would like to know how to be someone of value to your prospects, then take a look at my free video course.  I share with you the tools, services and techniques that the successful marketers use. I also share my human side so that you can see I am just a normal guy like everyone else.

So go pay me a visit at

I’m sure this will help you, even if in just a small way.

To your success.

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