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Total Life Changes - Charlene Williams Multi Level Marketing
East London, Eastern Cape - South Africa

Total Life Changes - Charlene Williams Multi Level Marketing East London, Eastern Cape - South Africa

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Contact: Charlene Williams

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Total Life Changes - Charlene Williams Multi Level Marketing East London, Eastern Cape - South Africa


I have a great business opportunity for you…  It has launched in October in South Africa, and you can start building your team and clientele now!!!

What I am selling is a Detox Tea that allows you to lose weight up to 2.5 kg’s…  It is all natural and it has no caffeine in it…

The business side of this product is awesome:

1. You sell the products and get 50% of the profits.
2. Fast Start Bonus – Sign someone up and earn commission (5 pack – 20 dollars, 10 pack 40 dollars, etc.)
3. You get a free website – earn 50% commission on volume each time someone purchases on the site (this is worldwide so anyone can shop anywhere and you earn)
4. Plus earn 10% binary commission from you team (weekly)
5. You get paid in American Dollars each week on a Thursday (this is besides the cash you receive selling the product yourself).

There is no joining fee…

All you do is sign up under me, you invest in the product and you start selling and signing up people under you to sell…

What you will need to purchase your stock:

• Credit Card or
• Debit Card (Mater / Visa) – registered at the bank to make International transactions

Approximate pricing of stock you can purchase to be able to become an agent:

• 5 bags of tea = +/- R 1000.00
• 10 bags of tea = +/- R 2000.00
• 25 bags of tea = +/- R 4000.00

Basically, you are the boss of your own business, and you can hire whomever you want to help you build your empire…

Smarthsip Information:
“Smartship” is the term that we use to refer to an order which processes automatically each month. A smartship order processes on the same day of each month with the same product and is billed to the credit card you have on file with us.  You can change or cancel your smartship order by logging into your account and selecting ‘edit’ or ‘cancel’ in the smartship section of your account.
If you are an Independent Business Owner (IBO) or distributor with us you most likely have created a smartship profile with your first order automatically.  You don’t have to manually create an order each month to remain active and continue to receive commissions based on your sales and recruiting.  If you’re earning as an affiliate or an associate you need to have a minimum of 40 personal volume points to be eligible to receive commissions.  If you’re a director you need 80 personal volume points to remain eligible to receive commissions.  As you promote in ranks your personal volume minimum increases. 

In addition, there is training groups once a week to help you get to know the product better as well as teaching you how to market the product as best you can…

We also do training via whatsapp…

Since I started on 16 August 2017 this is my personal experience:

• I was 70 kg’s, I am not 65.8 kg’s (On this morning 3 November 2017)
• My skin condition on my forearms have cleared up
• I no longer suffer from severe IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
• While pregnant with my son in 2016 I became constipated and it was an ongoing battle from then, I am now regular (I go twice a day and it is normal)
• I suffer from severe anxiety, I was in St. Marks Hospital the beginning of the year for 2 weeks to help me cope with the anxiety, a combination of my meds and the tea has given me a new lease on life…

My testimony below…

This is an amazing product and if you are interested in signing up, please let me know and I will assist you each step of the way :)

Please find attached more information…

Facebook Page:

PS:  if you live in East London, South Africa I would love to meet you for coffee and discuss the business concept in more detail…  You name the coffee shop and time and I will arrange my dairy accordingly ? can’t wait to present this business to you in person ?

Kind Regards

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