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Jared guitar and bass lessons
Midrand, Gauteng - South Africa

Jared guitar and bass lessons Midrand, Gauteng - South Africa

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Jared guitar and bass lessons Midrand, Gauteng - South Africa


I offer private Guitar and Bass lessons in and around Midrand. If you are not in close proximity to Midrand, I do add an additional traveling fee, depending on the distance. I have a Diploma in Contemporary music from Damelin Bramley and a certificate in music from the South African music institute. I have been playing guitar and bass for Approximately nine and six years respectively. I’ve been teaching guitar for Five years, and I’m relatively new to teaching bass. Lessons are R150 for guitar and R100 for bass. Lessons take place at the student’s residence, and are a period of one hour per lesson. I teach beginner and intermediate levels for guitar, and beginner levels for bass. All ages welcome.

Beginner guitar lessons include:

- learning and recognizing the guitar parts and string names

- getting to know your fretboard e.g learning octaves, notes and finger positions

- learning different types of open position chords, and how to apply them

- touching a little bit on music reading and theory

- learning basic strumming patterns and to differentiate which songs they apply to

- learn to play easy/basic songs of my and mostly your choosing

Intermediate guitar lessons include:

- learning scales e.g pentatonic, minor, major, blues, harmonic, melodic etc.

- learning different styles of rhythm and groove e.g funk, rock, Latin, blues, jazz etc

- learn how to read rhythms, melodies and tabs

- learn how to write out music charts

- basic ear training and music theory

- learning how to improvise/solo

- learning more advanced music pieces and songs, of your choice

Beginner Bass lessons include

- learning and recognizing bass parts and strings

- learning exercises on the bass, in order to get finger fit

- knowing your fretboard e.g learning octaves notes and finger positions

- learning how to groove in different styles

- learning scales e.g major, minor and blues

- learning how to walk on bass for blues, jazz and old school rock

- Touching a little bit on chart reading, music theory and ear training

- learning easy/basic songs of my choice and your choice.

So if you are interested, or know anyone who is, please email or text me, and i will get back to you.

Thank you Jared

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