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Keyboard New
Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

Keyboard New Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

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Keyboard New Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa



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AUTHORIZED dealer, and ALL items are brand NEW and come with FULL factory warranty .

Yamaha CLP430B 88 Key Clavinova Black Piano/R13000

Yamaha CLP430PE 88 Key Clavinova Polished Ebony Piano with Bench/R14990

Yamaha CLP430WH 88 Key Clavinova White Piano /R11500

Yamaha CLP465GP 88 Key Clavinova Baby Grand Digital Piano/R32999

Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano 88-key Stage Piano/R35600

Yamaha CP33 88-key Stage Piano/R8000

Yamaha DGX530/R7999

Yamaha DGX640/R5000

Yamaha MG124CX Mixer/R4500

Yamaha MM8 Music Synthesizer/R6000

Yamaha MX-61/R8499

Yamaha NP-V60/R6600
Yamaha Keyboard PSR-E433\R3000
Yamaha Keyboard PSR-S650\R5400
Yamaha Keyboard PSR-OR700\R7000
Yamaha Keyboard PSR-S710\R5500
Yamaha Keyboard PSR-S750\R7500

Yamaha Keyboard PSR-S950\R8500
Yamaha Keyboard PSR-1000\R6000
Yamaha Keyboard PSR-1100\R5500
Yamaha Keyboard PSR-2000\R5600
Yamaha Keyboard PSR-2100\R6800
Yamaha Keyboard PSR-3000\R7000

Yamaha YDP-142R/R13,500
Yamaha MOTIF XS7 Music Workstation\R10000
Yamaha S70XS Synthesizer 76-Note Balanced Hammer-Weighted Action\R12000
Yamaha MOX6 61-Key Music Pro Synthesizer\R7500
Yamaha MOX8 88-key Synthesizer Workstation\R8000
Yamaha MOTIF XF6 61-Key Synth Workstation\R9500
Yamaha MOTIF XF7 76-Key Synth Workstation\R7000
Yamaha MOTIF XS8 88-Key Music Workstation\R10,000
Yamaha MOTIF XF8 Music Production Synthesizer\R15000
Yamaha NP31 76-key Keyboard STAGE BUNDLE w/ Carrying Bag, Stand & Pedal\R3000

Yamaha Tyros4 10th Anniversary Special\R16000
Yamaha TYROS5 76-key Arranger Workstation with Yamaha 3-Piece Speaker System for Tyros5 + Yamaha Keyboard Stand + Sustain

Pedal + X-Style Keyboard Bench\R23,000

Yamaha P-35 88-key Digital Piano with Graded Hammer/R3,599

Yamaha CP4 Stage 88-note Wooden Key Stage Piano/R10,500

Yamaha P-105 88-key Digital Stage Piano with Graded Hammer/R4,000

Yamaha CP40 Stage 88-note Stage Piano/R7500

Yamaha CLP430B 88 Key Clavinova Black Piano/R900

Yamaha CP33 88-key Stage Piano/R4599

Yamaha P-155 88-key Digital Piano with Graded Hammer Action- Black / Ebon /R5000

Roland Fantom-G6\R7000

Roland Fantom-G7\R7500

Roland Fantom-G8 Synthesizer\R16800


Roland Jupiter-80 Live Synth w/USB & MIDI-76 Key\R11000

Roland JUNO-Gi Synth STAGE BUNDLE w/ Keyboard Amp, Case, Stand & Bench\R9000

Roland JUNO-STAGE 76-Key Synthesizer\R7000

Roland JUNO-Di Mobile Synthesizer\R7500

Roland E-09\R5500

Roland EM-50\R6000

Roland E-16 intelligent synthesizer\R4500

Roland BK-3\R6000

Roland E-38\R5000

Roland AX-Synth Synthesizer/R550

Roland E300\R9000

Roland E500\R4000

Roland RD-800 Digital Stage Piano\R13200
Roland RD-300NX Digital Piano\R11200
Roland RD-700NX Digital Piano\R10000
Roland V-Combo VR-700 76-Key Performance Keyboard COMPLETE STAGE BUNDLE\R14000

Roland V-Combo VR-09 61-Key Performance Keyboard KEY ESSENTIALS BUNDLE\R8000

Privia PX150 Digital Piano\R4000

Kurzweil MP15 Digital Piano\R6000

Nord C3 Organ Combo\R13000

Nord Stage 2 SW73 73-key Compact Digital Piano Keyboard STAGE ESSENTIALS BUNDLE\R15000

Korg Pa50SD Arranger STAGE BUNDLE w/ Keyboard Amp, Case, Stand & Bench\R4000

Korg X50 61 Key Synthesizer Keyboard\R3000

Korg Kronos 88 Weighted Key Workstation COMPLETE STAGE BUNDLE\R12,000

Korg Pa3X Workstation and PaAS Monitor System\R13800

KORG KRONOS 61 Synthesizer Music Workstation\R14000

Korg KROME 61-Key Music Workstation Keyboard & Synthesizer\R5000

KORG SV1 Stage Vintage Piano 73-Key\R6100

KORG SV188 88-Key Vintage Stage Piano\R7000

KORG M3M Synthesizer Workstation\R8100

Korg Pa2XPro 76-key Arranger Keyboard\R7700

KORG PA588 88 Key Arranger Keyboard\R7000

KORG M3 88-Key Music Workstation Keyboard\R8200

KORG M50 88-Key Keyboard Workstation\R4900


Korg Pa500 61-key Arranger Keyboard\R4600

Korg CX3 Digital Drawbar Organ\R4700

Korg OASYS 88 88-Key Workstation\R6200


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