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Mediation Company Legal Advisers & Services
Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa

Mediation Company Legal Advisers & Services Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa

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Mediation Company Legal Advisers & Services Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa


New legislation recognises the benefits of parties speaking directly to each other in a dispute, rather than having the dispute inadvertently taking on a life of its own through an adversarial process. Because parties communicate with each other, sometimes with the help of the mediator, the agreement reflects the parties’ real interests and needs, and the agreement has a greater chance of sustainability and commitment from the parties. 

The cost of conflict can be measured in financial terms as well as non-financial terms. High costs are associated with legal processes but these are compounded by loss of productivity, staff turnover, low morale, bad communication and a host of other phenomena related to poor conflict resolution. More and more companies recognise that their fiduciary duties include a consideration of the cost of conflict, and include appropriate tools for dispute resolution in their company policy. 

The Mediation Company helps parties in resolving disputes effectively by providing a mediation service where parties can expect a high level of service from mediators who are at the cutting edge of their field.

amily and divorce mediation

Recent developments in family law in South Africa have brought mediation to prominence as a dispute resolution mechanism in family matters. Legislation has come to recognize the impact of the benefits of mediation in resolving conflict, especially where the stakes are high.

The mediation company provides specially qualified and selected mediators to help parties agree on parenting plans, parental rights and responsibility agreements and other settlement agreements articulating the commitments of the parties to a better future.

Family situations suited to mediation

• Any situation where the disputing parties need to have a relationship in future
• Situations where children are involved, for example unmarried parents separating, or married parents divorcing
• Situations where people have difficulty settling differences between themselves
• Situations where big decisions are required in a relatively short time

Benefits of mediation

• Parties speak for themselves
• There is clarity on what you agree on
• Parties are able to act in the best interests of the children
• The process is time saving, cost saving, and helps relationships

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