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Du Preez Attorneys Legal Advisers & Services
Benoni, Gauteng - South Africa

Du Preez Attorneys Legal Advisers & Services Benoni, Gauteng - South Africa

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Du Preez Attorneys Legal Advisers & Services Benoni, Gauteng - South Africa


The only issues to consider in a divorce situation are: 1.Whether or not to divorce – in theory it is possible to oppose a divorce action by arguing that the marriage has not broken down irretrievably, however in practise, as they say “it takes two to tango”, and one cannot force a party to remain in a marriage if they do not want to; 2.Primary residency and contact rights to minor children – as to which parent should be awarded custodian parent, access arrangements to minor children and decision-making rights; 3.Maintenance issues – both maintenance for minor children born of the marriage and also spousal maintenance, commonly referred to as rehabilitative maintenance; and lastly 4.Division of assets – that is, which spouse will get what asset or amount of money, etc. In our experience, it is not common for parties to be in disagreement about all four points above. Normally there is some common ground and by quickly identifying this, right at the outset, a lot of the cobwebs are removed. If you can make it happen, is to do your divorce in an uncontested manner. An uncontested divorce is one in which you and your spouse work together to agree on the terms of your divorce. You will both consult with us. There is no formal trial, and only one party, called the plaintiff appears in court. You agree prior to the divorce on how to divide your assets and, if there are children involved, which parent will become the parent of primary residence and which will be the parent of alternate residence. We will then draft a settlement agreement also known as a consent paper (signed) by both of you, as well as a parenting plan (if there are children involved). An uncontested divorce is without a doubt the least expensive type of divorce. Our fees for a local uncontested divorce are R 6 500.00 all-inclusive. We will attend to the FICA requirements and after you have made the initial deposit of 50% of the fee we will provide you with the draft papers for consideration. We can finalise a local uncontested divorce in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. We will then appear with you on the day of the divorce in court. Call us on 084 2429 466 to make an appointment to consult with our family law legal expert. For more information regarding the service we provide email or reply to this ad.

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