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Commercial Vacant Land
Abbotsbury, Eastern Cape - South Africa

Commercial Vacant Land Abbotsbury, Eastern Cape - South Africa

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Commercial Vacant Land Abbotsbury, Eastern Cape - South Africa


We own an investment in a state of conservation in the Danube Delta, Romania (Eastern Europe), on an area of ​​736 ha (1.819 acres).
The Danube Delta is situated in the SE part of Romania, and it has outlet to the Black Sea through three navigable arms Sulina, Chilia and Sf. Gheorghe. This outstanding natural habitat includes a big variety of wild species of birds and fish and also mammals like minks, otters, boars and evan wild cats, which makes from this piece of land the perfect oasis for you to relax and enjoy the nature.
On the surface of 736 ha can be performed multiple activities, such as: tourism, aquaculture (including fish farming) and agriculture, from which can be gained profits of over 5 million EUR / year. The most profitable business idea for this area is an all inclusive resort of 1000 places.
Please note that the 736 ha surface is leased from the Tulcea County Council, but the assets found on the land are owned by our company.
From the owned assets, the 15 km long dams, that surround the 736 ha are the most important. Here you can develop intensive aquaculture activities. Other assets that can be found on this area are 1450 sqm of buildings and means of transportation on water.
Our company has the following offers, open to negotiation:
1. We sell the whole investment in conservation status, for 3.5 million euros.
2. We accept a business associate, which has to buy 50% of the company for 1.75 mil euros, and has to contribute with another approx. 1.2 mil euro to start tourism / agriculture / aquaculture projects.
3. We sell 51% of the investment for 1.1 mil euros, but the investor has the obligation to ensure compliance with our business strategy with its own budget. We claim 30% of the profits earned annually, but no less than 1 mil euro / year for life.                           
4.Trade with another real estate investment.

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