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Join Illuminati Society personal
Sandton, Gauteng - South Africa

Join Illuminati Society personal Sandton, Gauteng - South Africa

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Join Illuminati Society personal Sandton, Gauteng - South Africa


Everyone has untapped potential
Join Illuminati and achieve your potential by higher guidance and powers.

Over the years,the Illuminati brotherhood has remained a secret organisation that has been running the whole world through Governments and Organisations,Banks,Religious groups,Monarchs,Powerfull Businessess,Presidents,Powerfull celebrities,Musicians,Accomplished Sportsme/women and brands.

The most important aspect of guaranteed presence of our brotherhood is ‘Continuity’ and so after a high level consultations and meetings it was decided that Agents would be sent out into the world to assist in indoctrinating,guiding and accepting new members into the Illuminati.

I am Agent Lord Bishop associate member of the Illuminati and i have been mandated by the brotherhood to carry out the purposes and obligations as directed by the High Council to assist the few priviledged individuals to join the Illuminati and go on to succeed,amass wealth,become powerfull and famous depending on their talents,skills and desire.

There are rules which have to be extremely upheld and followed without fail.


Registration costs 200$ and you will be asked to fill in the form on the contact page and state clearly what you want to be in life and to improve on any talent or skill if you have any.


The next step is initiation and acceptance into the Order,where you will be given a personal unique number to identify you as a member and you will be taught on the different secret handshakes and signs that are used to communicate and recognise amongst members.This is done at our secret Guest house.

This will be the last step where you will be given your full illuminati powers,wealth and money guidelines and then set you free to become the best at everything you decide to do.A set of spells for power,wealth,protection,prosperity,wisdom,money will be given to every successfull applicant turned member along with The original certificate will be issued to you as a commemoration of your

acceptance as a full member of the society.A vault which is only accessible by you will be allocated at the guest house for you to store your certificate and/or any thing of great value to you.Allfuture communication and annoucements for conventions and meetings will be found in the vault periodically.


Guest houses in London,Moscow,Tokyo Japan
,Dubai,Newyork,SouthAfrica Sandton and Durban,Mauritius Cauldron waterfront.
Call Agent Lord Bishop for details and appointment.

Tel: +27632811505

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