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Pelser De Bruyn & Associates Recruitment Agency
Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa

Pelser De Bruyn & Associates Recruitment Agency Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa

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Pelser De Bruyn & Associates Recruitment Agency Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to PelserDe Bruyn and Associates: Executive Search& Professional Headhunting Services. 

Our offices are situated in the East of Pretoria, but weservice clients from all over, including: the entire City of Tshwane,Johannesburg, Durban,Cape Town andsurrounding areas.

We work in close association with a number of professionalsthat has been in the recruitment industry for many years. It is our verynetworking capability that we attribute our success to. 


We pride ourselves in conducting a service that can bedescribed as a ‘talent search’more than anything else.  Our main focus is to fulfill your specific clientneeds, with special consideration to your budget, your potential growth andtherefore a long term solution to assist you in maximizing your potential witha guaranteed return of investment. The conventional trades of the industry tocollect and forward curriculum vitae’s to client organizations, conflictswith what we believe in. 


1.    Facilitate meetings will all parties

2.    Create a forum for talks and theexchange of relevant information

3.    Facilitate the process of addressingany concerns in a timely and professional fashion within the framework and withtotal confidentiality

4.    Manage the information exchange bykeeping a document management system within the framework of knowledge andproject management

5.    Attend to ad hoc queries any of theparties might have

6.    Conduct on request any independentrequired services

7.    Prepare a meeting to report to allstakeholders on progress made

8.    Facilitate all formal negotiations


Given that we operate in an industry which is highlycompetitive, we strive to differentiate ourselves by:-

1.    We market our executive applicantsto companies of their choice

2.    Conduct WBA analysis (Work behavioranalysis) on all interviewed candidates to establish whether they will fit intoa specific company culture and/or environment

3.    Reference-check all relevantapplicants as per specific client needs, such as technical tests, etc.

4.    Developing long-term mutuallyrewarding relationships with our clients is a key concern to us

5.    Always endeavoring to add valuethrough service of quality

6.    We place great awareness ofinitiative and we always work pro-actively to place the most suitableapplicants with your companies

7.    Executive source database

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