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Permanent Direct Sales Executive
Centurion, Gauteng - South Africa

Permanent Direct Sales Executive Centurion, Gauteng - South Africa

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Permanent Direct Sales Executive Centurion, Gauteng - South Africa


The position is based in Centurion.  Insurance Industry.  You will be selling insurance cover to Business/Commercial clients only.  No existing database.  Not account manager/relationship building position at all.  Hardcore Sales/Hunter/door knocking/pavement bashing

You are expected to bring in at least 3 quality leads per day of which at least 1 needs to accept quote.  At the end of month it works out to approximately the Number 8 sales per month.  You just need to get past that gate keeper (PA, Reception etc) get to the person making insurance decisions for the company.  Convince them to allow a call centre agent to quote them, all done telephonically on recorded lines.  You don’t quote.  You generate lead and filter it through to the call centre whom will call your client on your behalf. You will allows know who the agent is in order for you to follow up.  Sometimes the agents close the deals telephonically.  But not always.  You are then expected to go back to the client and present/close the deal.  It is expected as a direct sales executive to do so.  If client says they want you to quote and gives their policy schedule to you.  You need to explain why the call centre agent does it and does it telephonically.  Also you won’t have capacity/time to do it.  Some objectives to overcome : client works through a broker where broker handles everything from taking out policy to claim stage.  Another one is rates too expensive or claims don’t get paid out.  These are some you need to overcome.  So you need to think out of the box.

Also please remember the call centre agent are remunerated very much the same as you are.  So its to their benefit to get quotes accepted.  You need them and they need you more to generate the business

Must have :  Own reliable vehicle, matric, valid drivers license and clear criminal record.  You get 2 months of intense product training - classroom.  You need to pass this with minimum of 80% in order to carry on with your employment.  Thereafter you get the tools in order to do your job (cellphone, laptop, 3G, petrol card)  Company benefits – medical aid and pension.

First 5 months you get a target salary of R25 000-00.  So you sit in training and get R25 000 for 2 months each month of course?  After your 5 months your salary drops to a retainer/basic of R10 800.  But the work you put in after training (month 3 to 5) should now pay off.  So you should not get R10 800, you should/can earn anything from R0 to R125 000 per month.  You get paid 3 x your cashed commercial premium.  So if client accepts cover and his quote was R1 000pm you get R3 000 on that deal.  Or R10 000 is R30 000.  And so on.  All depends how big the risk is you are insuring.  Currently the staff in that role earn anything between R30 000 to R100 000.  Hard work.  But I must tell you that there is a % about 37% of staff not meeting their minimums and revert down to that R10 800.  After deductions take home a lot less.  So it is really a position for a hunter and must plan daily?  With previous cold calling experience.  As I mentioned hard work everyday, takes a lot of planning too.  You work from home and get monitored daily.  So you can’t have a duvet day?.  If you meeting your daily minimums you will be fine.  If you are not meeting your minimums you will be micro managed?  Also the only time you expected to go in is for team meetings or as mentioned if you not performing.

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