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Hamel House & Pet Sitting House & Pet Sitters
Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

Hamel House & Pet Sitting House & Pet Sitters Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

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Hamel House & Pet Sitting House & Pet Sitters Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa


Purrrrrfection is our motto
(Domestic & Exotic Animal Sitting Service in Johannesburg)
We understand that travelling may be challenging when it comes to leaving your beloved pets and home in the hands of an unfamiliar individual. Hamel House and Pet Sitting provides your home with controlled safety measures such as property inspections and activity that follows your normal daily routine, a sense of protection rather than leaving your home unoccupied that may be left at a potential security risk. Your pets will be provided with care and love, as well as be able to enjoy their own home environment while you are absent preferably than kennels. All our sitters have experience with domestic pets and some selected sitters have knowledge with more exotic animal care such as scorpions, tarantulas, salt water fish, birds etc.
Hamel House & Pet Sitting is a professional service that covers a variety of areas in Johannesburg with trusted capable committed sitters who maintain a high standard and offer a quality service. We have a variety of excellent friendly sitters of all age groups and religions all of which have clean, sober habits with no criminal records and come highly recommended from hamel house and pet sitting, most importantly our sitters love animals and have a respect for others property.
We do monitor sitters throughout service to ensure you and your pets receive outstanding service. All clients will have the opportunity to receive an appointment with their sitter before service commences including a copy of their ID (this also allows the sitter to be introduced to the pets) flawless instructions, prohibitions for sitters and documentation to complete that remains confidential so you may travel confident, relaxed and ensured that your beloved pets and home will be well tended to in responsible, loving hands!


R110   per day (Out sitting)
Sitters will attend to property once a day (1-2 hours) to fulfill duties
R170   per day (In sitting)
Sitter sleeps within property and within premises between (5pm-7am) Over weekend’s sitter is mainly permanent within property.
R230   per day (Stay in-sitting)
Sitter is permanent within property attending to care for pets recommended for ill, frail, pregnant, elderly pets or pets that may fight with each other.
Feeding & providing fresh water to pets (including medication for a specific pet if required)
Attention and affection to pets (grooming if required) plenty kisses, cuddles and play time.
Dog Walking (Additional Cost of R60 included for 2x trained dogs). Happy hounds lose those unwanted pounds…
Required to take a pet to veterinary clinic if fallen ill (clients will be contacted)
Activating/Deactivating of alarms
Keeping an eye on pets (animals that may scratch furniture, dogs that run out front gates, cats that may see a good opportunity being alone to now to eat the gold fish etc……) We keep two good eyes on pets and keep them busy at play to keep mischief away.
Refuse/mail duties on selected days
Watering tasks of indoor plants
Daily inspection and security checks within property
Practice a scheduled routine within premises (lights, curtains, putting pets to bed, etc)
General swimming pool maintenance.
Daily progress report to Hamel House & Pet Sitting, Clients may be contacted daily via email on request
Giving access to designated staff onto premises (house keeper, gardener etc)
Keep property in a tidy, orderly manner
Poop scoop/Kitty litter box duties (Additional)

To find out more information about us, our packages or pension discount please contact us and visit our website for further details:

CONTACT:    072 937 1681

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