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d` Oude Molen Guest House Guesthouse
Potchefstroom, North West - South Africa

d` Oude Molen Guest House Guesthouse Potchefstroom, North West - South Africa

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d` Oude Molen Guest House Guesthouse Potchefstroom, North West - South Africa


The Magic of the Aardklop Triangle: Myth or fact…?
According to popular belief an unknown force is conducting experiments on earth…
The location of the experiments:  Aardklop Arts Festival, Potchefstroom, South Africa.  Specifically the terrain now known as: The Aardklop Triangle…
The Aardklop Arts Festival was born in 1999 in the beautiful, serene city of Potchefstroom (the city of expertise).  For five days each year people from all corners of the earth flock to this peaceful plattelandse dorpie to experience the amazing feast of art, music, theatre, food, comedy, drama, books etc.
According to urban myth, all visitors to the Aardklop Triangle have confirmed similar unusual phenomena and all investigations had the same result: visitors to the Aardklop Triangle reported that all their cash disappeared at lightning speed (no crime was suspected), and they experienced long periods of emotional highs, uncontrollable smiles and a constant inexplicable happy feeling.
According to the scientific evidence of the unusual phenomenon the symptoms might be the result of a combination of spring, clean air, friendly people, good music, beautiful art and having fun.
If your adventurous side wants to take a walk on the wild side – visit the Aardklop Triangle during the Aardklop Arts Festival. 
But be warned:  The fun will find you…                                                

The Vredefort Dome:

The Dome is a 90-km-widegeological entity located ~30 km from Potchefstroom ,South Africa, that represents the eroded centraluplift of the world’s oldest (2023 ± 4 Ma) and possiblylargest known meteorite impact structure. It is a site of unprecedented geological significance not onlybecause of the impact-related effects visible in itsrocks, but also because it is one of only a handful ofareas around the world that exposes a near-continuous,>25 km deep, crustal section.
The topographic expression of the dome is restricted to its northern and western sectors (the remainder being covered by younger sedimentary strata), with the most prominent feature being a crescent of steep ridges and valleys cut by the Vaal River. The combination of the spectacular rugged scenery and the Vaal River has created a well-established tourism industry that is primarily focussed on recreational and adventure tourism and the business market. By contrast, geotourism linked to the spectacular geological features is relatively
minor, being restricted to a few information displays in resorts and ad hoc tours run by local enthusiasts and academics. In 2005, a 30000 ha portion of the dome (approximately one-quarter of the exposed area of the dome) was inscribed as a World Heritage Site (VDWHS) on the strength of the dome’s internatonal geological significance.

The secret (Geocaches) of d` Oude Molen : “Die Transvaler of 11 April 1959”(Newspaper)
Phone : +27(0)832976244 Mail : Google : 0832976244
We also offer Around Aboat Car Hire and Intercape Bus Tickets via d` Oude Molen
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