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Prívíðu Ultrasonic & Photo Rejuvenator
Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa

Prívíðu Ultrasonic & Photo Rejuvenator Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa

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Prívíðu Ultrasonic & Photo Rejuvenator Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa


Prividju Ultrasonic & Photo Rejuvenator

The Professional Biological Ultrasonic & Photo Rejuvenator

Ultrasound Rejuvenation
Infusion of Advanced Nutrients: ~ Ultrasound waves help drive hydrating and advanced nourishing ingredients deep into the skin.
Wrinkle Erase: ~ Ultrasound assist in stimulating collagen production, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine-lines

What results will I expect after undergoing Ultrasound Beautification treatment? 
On a chemical level, ultrasound can promote the synthesis of protein inside cells and speed regeneration of damaged tissues. Improve circulation, Aid cell regeneration, Improve metabolism, Speed healing of damaged tissues ,Help treat acne, Help fade skin discolorations, Minimize wrinkles, Firming Sagging Skin and circles under the eyes , Improve skin tone and texture, Reducing Fine Lines, Shrinking Large Pores, Evening Out skin Tone & Fading Old Age Spots.

Photo Rejuvenation

“Look Younger & Healthier, a Scientific Approach to Youthful Skin”
Photo Rejuvenator uses safe LED Photo Rejuvenation (also referred to as Photo-modulation or Bio-stimulation), it is a relatively new therapeutic light therapy that delivers precise dosages of energy to the skin and works simultaneously to repair collagen in the dermis (the deepest layer of the skin), while gently erasing signs of aging in the epidermis (top layer of skin)

Photo Rejuvenator uses both Red And Blue Light. This device is in conjunction with the latest research in skin rejuvenation. Research has shown that a combination of both blue and red light can be extremely effective in treating mild to moderate cases of acne. Scientists have discovered that blue light (430-470nm) is effective in killing the bacteria that causes skin blemishes deep within the skin. Red light (640-660nm) has been shown to reduce inflammation and redness in the skin that can be caused by the bacteria or other skin conditions. Red and Blue light combined (580-980nm) will quickly enhance skin cell renewal, promote reorganization of collagen, completely remove pigment grains, and clear up Rosa etc

.What results will I expect after undergoing Photo Rejuvenation?
The Skin will have more tone, it will have a smoother look and feel, Sunspots will fade, Pore sizes will shrink, Fine lines and wrinkles decrease in size & Skin’s appearance will look Firm, Lifted, younger and healthier, Reduced Redness and Rosacea, Correct Uneven Pigmentation, Expedite the Healing of Acne & Promote a Sense of well-being

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