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Fight for re-legalisation
Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa

Fight for re-legalisation Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa

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Fight for re-legalisation Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa


Hey people well I’m gonna meantion a few things we all knew about cannabis, and hopefully a few things you did not know :-) From now I will use the word “dagga” instead of marijuana or cannabis, this is the word we use in South Africa

Most people who do not use dagga do not know anything about it.They think that it is bad because the government says it is bad.

Police who arrest dagga users & growers could be using their time to fight real crime.Keeping dagga illegal is a waist of taxpayer’s money.It is much easier to arrest people for growing and smoking Dagga than it is to find a murderer.

Many places that sell Dagga also sell hard drugs like heroin or tik.These are the people that get their customers addicted to hard drugs. Dagga users are forced to be part of the criminal undergroung.

The public lose respect for police when they harass people by searching their homes &cars for Dagga.

The law against Dagga is a law where the punishment is far worse than the “crime”.

If you are arrested for dagga, who have you harmed? It is a crime without a victim. How can you be guilty if there is no victim? The law against dagga is the only law in SA where you are guilty until proven innocent.

Illegal Dagga puts lots of money from growing and selling dagga into the hands of crimenal gangs.

Some people grow & sell Dagga just to put food on the table. These people are called crimimals and treated the same as violent gangs.

Prohibition of Dagga in South Africa is unconstitutional, unscientific & wrong.

==============So how can you help=============

Educate yourself, know the facts, spread the word.

Sign the online petition. We can only change the law if we have enough public support

If you are arrested on dagga charge, know that you have rights. Stand up for these rights by following the instructions in “A puffer’s guide” , available on the website.

Like us on Facebook, follow the dagga couple website.

Do not be scared to support the dagga couple.All Dagga users need to stand together with one voice.

Donate what ever you can afford. We need to pay for all aspects of the campaign as well as legal fees.

Watch the short documentary on Youtube, “dagga: The truth.

Apply to become a dagga couple representative in your area. Details on the website.

Share your skills : let us know what you are good at and we will find a way for you to help.

Support the first ever legal challenge for the re-legalisation of dagga in South Africa.

Based on the human rights as reflected in the bill of rights, enshrined in the SA constitution.

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