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New Hampshires Poultry
Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa

New Hampshires Poultry Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa

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New Hampshires Poultry Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa


New Hampshire Chickens: the enhanced Rhode Island Reds!

Bred by Grehenheim - Day-old to 6 weeks. From R20 each depending on age.

Our flagship breed and of all the breeds we keep, the most prolific egg-layers; almost comparable to commercial egg-laying crosses with the advantage that they can be used for meat.

Hens are double the weight of commercial layers at end of lay and lay productively for two-plus years

Originally developed from Rhode Island Reds, they are specifically selected for quick maturation and early feathering. Cocks weigh 3.5 up to 4 Kg and hens 2.5 up to 3 Kg.

All vaccinated against New Castle Disease (NCD) and Infectious Bronchitis (IB). Chicks older than 4 weeks also vaccinated against Fowl Pox (FP).

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