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Permanent Industrial Engineer
Pretoria North, Gauteng - South Africa

Permanent Industrial Engineer Pretoria North, Gauteng - South Africa

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Permanent Industrial Engineer Pretoria North, Gauteng - South Africa


a€¢ Grade 12 / Matric (essential)
a€¢ Industrial Engineering Degree / Diploma
a€¢ Drivers License
a€¢ Computer Literate
a€¢ Qualified (Completed Practical Training P1 and P2)
a€¢ Exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written in English and Afrikaans
a€¢ Sociable and pleasant
a€¢ Hardworking, dedicated, committed and loyal
a€¢ Willing and able to work irregular and long hours if required

a€¢ Apply sound Industrial Engineering techniques to improve operating performance and reduce wastages and delays
a€¢ Ensure high production and produce cost reductions
a€¢ Development of manufacturing methods to improve material handling in production
a€¢ Plan, coordinate and maintain all manufacturing information and systems
a€¢ Coordinate the movement of raw / finished products from point of origin to point of consumption
a€¢ Optimise methods of organization
a€¢ Study product requirements and design manufacturing and information systems to meet requirements
a€¢ Develop management control systems
a€¢ Perform mathematical calculations to determine manufacturing processes
a€¢ Assist in financial planning and cost analysis
a€¢ Design methods to ensure product quality
a€¢ Determine most viable plant and factory locations
a€¢ Resolve production problems
a€¢ Design layout of equipment and workspace
a€¢ Estimate production costs
a€¢ Evaluate accuracy of production and testing equipment
a€¢ Study and rearrange org charts, material flow and operation sequence

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