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Katberg, Eastern Cape - South Africa

Permanent URGENTLY_NEEDED Katberg, Eastern Cape - South Africa

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Permanent URGENTLY_NEEDED Katberg, Eastern Cape - South Africa


We are ITRADE4U LIMITED, we are located in UNITED KINGDOM, ,


Computer Literate:£1500pounds monthly ,weekly (£150)

Computer Engineer: £3000 monthly, Weekly £150

Security: £2000 Monthly ,weekly (£150)

Office Assistance:£2800pounds,  weekly (£150)

Receptionist: £1500pounds,  weekly (£150)

I.T Director: £2000pounds…...weekly (£150)

Gate Keeper: £1500 Monthly ,weekly (£150)

Driver: £2000 Monthly ,weekly (£100)

Director: £2200 Monthly ,weekly (£150)

Sales Manager: £3000 Monthly ,weekly allowance (£150)

Security Assistance: £2500pounds

Cleaner…..1500pound, weekly (£150)

Advertising Manager: £3000pound monthly, weekly (£150) .......................................and many more.

NOTE: The COMPANY is in UNITED KINGDOM, that is where employees will work..

You shall have a private accommodation with furnished sitting room and bedroom and also a private
bathroom. A Fixed land phone and an Internet ready computer. Do well to send us your references or
resume, and we would get in touch with them. Should the outcome be positive, we would send you a
Contract Letter. We shall discuss travel arrangements in due course of which I would be of generous
assistance to you.

Send your resume/CV to our direct email address below:

Email address :

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