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Brawoliner - Drainmen Services Plumbers & Sanitary Engineers
Cape Town, Western Cape - South Africa

Brawoliner - Drainmen Services Plumbers & Sanitary Engineers Cape Town, Western Cape - South Africa

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Brawoliner - Drainmen Services Plumbers & Sanitary Engineers Cape Town, Western Cape - South Africa


Dear Customer, are you experiencing problems with your sewer or storm water drainage pipelines ? Are they blocking up, leaking or just degrading from old age (or all three) ? Are they concealed underground or within duct spaces and/or servitudes or are they corroding or deteriorating internally ? We have the perfect non-invasive solution to completely return your pipework to new ! Brawoliner is a German engineered pipe relining specialized system, designed to be effective as a long-term solution for your pipework.

Our pipe relining rehabilitation solution is unique,  in that our pipe relining system is a ‘seamless end to end solution’ which has a 100% adherence to the existing pipework. In addition, this is a ‘no-dig / no-chop’ solution and is completely non-invasive. In fact, the system can still be operable and our team can continue to provide a ‘new pipeline within the old’ without any/minimal disruption to the on-going and necessary services of your drainage system. Furthermore we have various long-term Brawoliner engineered applications for residential, corporate, commercial and marine utilities. ‘Drainmen Services Group’ were hand chosen to represent ‘Brawoliner Pipe Relining Systems’ in the Western Cape and have been conducting successful pipe rehabilitation projects since inception 24 years ago.

The Brawoliner system is superior to any pipe relining product on the market Internationally and is backed fully by a long term quality guarantee. We assist Homeowners, Engineers, Body Corporates, Facility Managers, Property Groups and the like with all pipe relining requirements in a professional manner from commencement to completion and either in a sectional repair form or a complete pipe reline.

Please feel free to visit us at from the contact details provided or on our website for more information and/OR send us an email for a free brochure. We would be pleased to assist you with any and all pipework problems you may have or be experiencing.

Drainmen Services Group have a vast amount of both experience in pipe relining and in handing over successful projects as a result of the ingenuity of the Brawoliner systems and professional teams assigned to such pipe rehabilitation works that have been trained by Brawoliner.

We look forward to your valid enquiry..


Cape Town, South Africa

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