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LC-2040/C160 TruCUT Standard Range 2050x4000mm Flatbed Type, CCD Camera for Normal
Heilbron, Free State - South Africa

LC-2040/C160 TruCUT Standard Range 2050x4000mm Flatbed Type, CCD Camera for Normal Heilbron, Free State - South Africa

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LC-2040/C160 TruCUT Standard Range 2050x4000mm Flatbed Type, CCD Camera for Normal Heilbron, Free State - South Africa


TruCUT Standard Range 2050x4000mm Flatbed Type with CCD Camera for Normal and Contour Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine with 160W CO2 Laser Tube Complete Package (CNC Laser Cutter)
Code: LC-2040/C160, CNC Laser Cutter, 0725299409
CNC Laser Cutter Price: R 238 989.00
Price exl. VAT and Transport Code, quoted at 2018-11-27 kao8kp3c

Include Laser Tube Cooling System Warning Light Indicator and Laser Power Cutoff
Stepper Motors Driving System
Minimal Can Engrave Readable 1mm Height English Letter
Cutting Table Weight Static Load Up To 50 kg/m2
With Standard Aluminium Slats as Working Surface, Honeycomb Table optional
Use Household 220V Electricity, Include Ellies Surges and Lightning Safe Plug
Gear & Timing Belt Transmission System
With RJ45 Network Port for Cutting Job Transfer through Network
Easy to Use Control Panel with Direct Internal Saved File Select Button
Table Size 2050x4000mm and Working Area 1950x3900mm
Support Direct USB Connection from PC or Use Flush Drive
Less Than 0.1 mm Repeat Positioning Accuracy
With CCD Camera Mounted on Laser Head to See from PC Monitor to Locate Registration Marks
Include TruCUT Software with Multi-Layer Process, Simulation, Time Estimation and Many Other Functions, Learn More
Up To 18 meter/min (300 mm/s) Engraving Speed
Latest TruCUT DSP for Multitasking (Cut/Engrave etc in One Job) with 128M Large Memory
18 meter/min (300 mm/s) Rapid Positioning Linear Speed
With Upgrade MPC Controller and Software, You can perform Laser Contour Cutting on Printed Boards
Double Power Supplies and Double Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) Filters
Achieve ± 0.01 mm Resolution
160Watt CO2 Laser System with Cooling Unit Included
Program Controlled Compressed Air, Blow When Needed
Up to 18 meter/min (300 mm/s) Cutting Speed
Air Pump, Extraction Fan and Exhaust Hoses Included
Double Focus Lens Position (63.5mm Default, 101.6mm Optional) Laser Lens Holder

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Product You Will Get in this CNC Laser Cutter package:
(AG-FAN) Generic 220V 550W Extraction Fan with 150mm Inlet/Outlet Diameter X 2
(NO-STOP/1) AM.CO.ZA NO-STOP High Speed Lubrication Oil 1L Bottle for Mechanical Parts like Linear Guide Rails and Runner Blocks
(LC-CCD) Install CCD Digital Camera System and Upgrade MPC Controller to Support Contour Cutting Function for Laser Cutting
(X-UTILITY/CD) All-in-One Utility Disk with Softwares/Drives for CNC Machineries on a DVD ( Available for Free Download )
(LC-TUBE/160) TruCUT Standard Series Sealed 160W CO2 Glass Laser Tube
(T-BASIC/LC) Basic TruCUT Laser Machine Training Course and TruCUT Software Usage
(LC-POWER/180) 180W CO2 Laser Power Supply Unit Suggest for 160W/180W CO2 Glass Laser Tube with Adjustable Current
(AG-TAPE/HV) 3M 10 Kilovolt High-Voltage Insulation Tape, Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) with Liner, Waterproof Insulation Tape
(LC-2040) AM.CO.ZA TruCUT Standard Range 2050x4000mm Flatbed Type Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine Barebone Unit
(LC-CABLE/HV2) High Voltage Wire Connector and High Voltage Cable about 5 Metre Length for CO2 Laser Power Supply, Suitable for Flatbed Laser
(NO-RUST/15) AM.CO.ZA NO-RUST Additive Liquid Solution for CNC Machinery Cooling and Protection 1.5kg Bottle
(AG-AIR) Generic 220V Air Pump for CNC Machines
(A-CHILLER/CABLE) 3 PIN Male Plug Water Cooling/Chilling Unit Signal Data Cable, about 3 Meters
(A-CHILLER/1400) Generic AM-5200 1400W Refrigeration Water Chiller with Air Compressor
(T-LASER/ALIGNMENT) Laser Alignment Learning and Practice Course at Suitable Training Facility or at Client Place with Suitable Equipment
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