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Contract Command Centre Agent
Fairland, Gauteng - South Africa

Contract Command Centre Agent Fairland, Gauteng - South Africa

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Contract Command Centre Agent Fairland, Gauteng - South Africa


Role Complexity:

First Line support and call logging:

• Receive, log and dispatch or transfer Calls, as appropriate
• Receive contact from Requester and collect basic contact information
• Analyze request information
• Review Requester information and update Requester’s contact information, as required
• Verify/communicate service entitlement failures associated with requests for in-scope services
• Open new or update existing Request Records
• Log each call into a new Problem Record or add to an existing Problem Record, and give a Problem reference number to the End User when logged
• Identify request type (such as request for service, request for information, Incident)
• Agree Severity Code applicable to the logged Incident with the End User when the Incident is logged

User exchange requirements:
• Gather and Record the appropriate information for the type of request
• Provide information on Call trends and make recommendations, where appropriate; using the information contained in the standard monthly reports
• Contact the Requester to obtain further information, if needed
• Assess impact and urgency of requests to determine Severity
• Communicate to all End Users, the level of service which is offered in respect of each Severity Code

Incident/Call Management:
• Link request to existing Problems or requests, if applicable
• Identify appropriate assignment
• Fulfill requests for which the IBM Customer Service Center or second level IBM Request Analyst is responsible
• Assign requests to other appropriate support groups as needed
• Contact third-party vendors for assistance as required, per existing support agreements
• Reset passwords and perform logon ID administration in accordance with MTN provided security guidelines documented in the ISeC Document
• Monitor use of individually assigned and generic or shared privileged IDs and passwords with a view to identify non-compliance activities
• Provide review and approval of non-expiring passwords and policy exception requests
• Document actions taken for requests in associated Records, maintaining detailed Problem history, Recording actions taken in the resolution of the Incident
• Inform the Requester of the status of an existing request

Achieve SLA Targets
• Establish and maintain good user relationships
• Verify Requester agreement for closing requests for which the IBM Customer Service Center is responsible for resolution
• Determine MTN satisfaction with request handling
Task Complexity:

• Respond to all calls logged as per SLA
• Provide user support – (all OPCO’s)
• Login account creation and removal of relevant systems
• Maintenance of login scripts and group membership
• Problem ownership and follow up with relevant departments
Supervisory Complexity:
• None
Leadership Complexity:
• Informal leadership internally to team members
Managerial complexity:
• None
Lateral dimensions of the position
Creativities (improvement/innovation inherent)
• Be proactive rather than reactive, i.e. don’t only fix, prevent
Vulnerabilities (control span)

• Customer Perception
• System interdependencies

Responsibility towards:
1. Direct reports: None
2. Matrix reports: None
3. Key customers: All users within regions
4. Key suppliers/partners: MTN users
5. Relations: Users within MTN
Independent thought and Judgment:
• Troubleshoot and use discretion general user support
• None
Minimum Requirements
• Matric

• +A Certification•
• Minimum 1,5 years experience in a call center environment

• MTN application specific training
• Knowledge of Microsoft office
• Knowledge of applications used within MTN
• Basic network skills
Skills / physical competencies:

• Interpersonal Skills
• Patience
• Time management skills
Behavioral qualities:
• Good communication skills
• Logical thinker
• Time and goal driven
• Prepared to work long hours
• Cope under pressure
General working conditions (e.g. shift work, drivers license, specific tools, special clothing, environmental requirements, etc.)
• Work in a shift environment
• Work long hours
• Must have own transport

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