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DreamScience ECU tuning software for Ford Focus ST225
Fourways, Gauteng - South Africa

DreamScience ECU tuning software for Ford Focus ST225 Fourways, Gauteng - South Africa

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DreamScience ECU tuning software for Ford Focus ST225 Fourways, Gauteng - South Africa


Introducing the DSCi Tuning platform! Taking tuning to new heights…

This tuning software has 2 lives. I had this installed on my Focus prior to bank repo. Has 1 life left and begging for a last owner. Exhilaration GUARANTEED!!!

Featuring 5 stratagem performance tunes PLUS additional ModB and ModC performance tunes.

Instantly tune your car wherever modded or not using the world famous Dreamscience tuning package, with incredible power gains even on standard vehicles and absolutely unbelievable results on modified cars can you afford to miss out?

DSCI = Dream Science Computer Interface. This revolutionary and easy to use tuning package gives Dreamscience users the ability to program their car in minutes with any of Dreamscience’s legendary STRATAGEM tune files.

Easy to use! Just follow a simple 4-step process to start enjoying Dreamscience technology on your car!

Step 1 - Connect your computer to your vehicle using the supplied OBD2 cable
Step 2 - Choose from a pre-installed range or buy additional tunes from the dscipowered store
Step 3 - Follow the easy on screen instructions to download the tune to your vehicle
Step 4 - Unplug the cable, drive off and enjoy!

* dsci Application - The dsci Application is provided on USB Flash drive, with a blank CD included if you wish to make a backup.
* dsci OBD2 to USB Cable - Connects your vehicle to your laptop via the OBD2 Interface. Drivers included are compatible with Windows XP and Vista (administrator access may be required).
* dsci Security Dongle - This must be connected for the dsci Application to run, and allows you to log in to the dscipowered online store.
* View/Clear DTC Codes - View and clear any Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) on your vehicle with this handy tool.
* Vehicles - You can swap between tunes as many times as you like (including stock tune) on the same vehicle, and you can also transfer the system to another vehicle in the future - 2 Reset Lives
* Pre-Installed Tunes - Each level comes complete with a number of pre-installed tunes to get you started - 5 Stratagem Tunes Included
* Return to Stock Tune - Return your car to it’s stock tune at any time.
* Download Tunes Online - The online dscipowered store provides access to new tunes for your vehicle created by our worldwide network of approved dealers and master tuners.
* Data Logging - Enable data logging to get comprehensive data on your vehicles performance - Optional*
* Vehicle Configuration - Unlock hidden features on your vehicle, ie Auto Door Locking function - Optional*
* Buddy System - With the Buddy System you can tune two vehicles using the same package.

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