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Transkei Boer Farming - Agriculure
Port St Johns, Eastern Cape - South Africa

Transkei Boer Farming - Agriculure Port St Johns, Eastern Cape - South Africa

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Contact: Louis Pretorius

Account Name: Louis Pretorius
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Transkei Boer Farming - Agriculure Port St Johns, Eastern Cape - South Africa


Dear Investor.

I am Louis Pretorius based in the Wild Coast of South Africa.

I am looking for a investor to finance this great venture, a broiler chicken production farm that is low risk and high in profits in a very short period of time.

This is a life time opportunity that simply can’t be overseen.


We are based in a rural area where there is a high demand for live chickens, yet there aren’t any broiler production chicken farms in a 150km radius. After extensive research we have found that small business owners have to travel between 100 - 200 KM to reach the nearest depot or chicken farm for livestock to sell in the rural areas. This results in small business entrepreneurs travelling to towns like Kokstad, Durban ( based in Kwazula-Natal) and East London in the Eastern Cape and pay R75 per live bird. Due to high travelling costs, resellers is selling their birds at an increased price of R120 per bird to cover travelling costs. Next years price is already set in stone for R130 per bird.

Our Solution:
Having the experience needed (Read my Background section), We will be able to solve high travelling costs and mortalities for the small business entrepreneurs, and offer a better quality product at a reduced price (R70 per live bird) at a closer location for our fellow city, Mthatha, as well as the surrounding Towns: Lusikisiki, Flagstaff, Port St Johns, Coffee Bay and Villages: Tombo, Cacuba, Mpande. (Just to name a few).

Our competition resides in Kokstad, they ask R75 per live bird, they sell to resellers, wholesalers, small business entrepreneurs and the public.

Our aim is to provide a better quality product at a better price than what our competition have to offer. We want to be a preferred supplier in the Eastern Cape. We will definitely expand as the demand grows.

Because we raise the chickens ourselves, we are able to ask the same price as our competitor, we are just saving our customers the time, money and effort for those located in the Eastern Cape.

In the Eastern Cape our nearest competition is situated in East London, about 4ookm from us, which makes us the only chicken production farm in the Wild Coast region with no direct competition threatening the business.

Target Market
Our main target is aimed at the small business entrepreneur as well as emerging business entrepreneurs, and resellers. We will also sell directly to the public using a strategic plan.

Our start-up business model caters for a 1000 chickens p/m to start with, and will expand to 4000 chickens p/m within a 6 months to 1 year period, after reaching our milestones we will be able to farm 40 000 chickens p/m for the Eastern Cape.

The profits is remarkable!

We need R250 000 to start this venture.

This will go towards building the chicken house, equipments, feed, medicines, stock etc.

If you are interested and want to jump on board, please contact me directly and I will forward you our business plan.

Contact Number: +27 72 904 5485


About the Farmer:  Louis Pretorius

Having the privilege to farm for farmer of the year gave me certain advantages above my competitors.  I had to keep farm running costs to minimum for maximum profit return, we were the biggest, privately owned broiler production farm with our own branded label and production line in the Eastern Cape. We supplied 3000 slaughtered and packaged chicken to Spar, Pick & Pay and various Butcheries on a weekly basis. 

My competitors were Farmer Brown, Rocklands and Rainbow.

I have the knowledge to farm pigs in conjunction with chickens. (The one supports the other)

I also have experience in taking care of sick milking cattle (dry cows and sick cows like mastitis, hearts water and tick-borne fever)

I have had all the worst scenarios any chicken farmer can experience, and I’ve conquered them all to ensure ongoing production and deliveries to my clients.

Good and healthy relationships with Partners and Clients are very important to me as individual, availability and quality as well as value will be assured when doing business with me. I work in good ethics and strive to supply quality chicken to the market.

I believe my expertise and passion for farming will benefit this business venture.

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