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Longrich Bioscience MLM
Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

Longrich Bioscience MLM Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

Available: 2 yrs, 1 m ago
Contact: Winnie

Account Name: Winnie Mwenda
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Longrich Bioscience MLM Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa


Hi, my name is Winnie. I am a network marketer, business owner, mum of 2 and love helping others achieve their dreams. My personal story will bore you as its similar to others who decided to make the changes needed in their lives and go after their dreams, hint: Once you decide to take the plunge you will never look back :) 
Long story short: I am looking for people who are driven to take that plunge and go after their dreams. You will be motivated, love helping people achieve their dreams too, have the ability learn from others who are successful in this industry and best of all be willing to go on your own transformational inspirational journey. 
If this is you…then drop me a line and lets see if you truly are ready to take the plunge towards your dreams.
 I am looking for 3 driven people. Thats it, only 3 people. I’m absolutely not interested in just recruiting anyone as the statistics on your success is dismal (95% failure rate in network marketing) I am looking for those who want to be in the 5%. If you have been part of  network marketing before then I’m sure you know what I mean. In order for me to successfully mentor and guide you to success this takes time and effort on my part as well as yours…..therefore I limit who and how many people I mentor at once. 
So if you think you have what it takes; I can’t wait to hear from you. I am not going to dazzle you with product claims or unrealistic financial claims….network marketing is a challenging business however, if you follow the path already set out for you…The sky is really the limit. 
You may already be in a MLM company, or part of one in the past and you didn’t really cut it. I’m not all that interested in where you have been (past is past) I’m interested in where and who you want to be. 
Are you ready for your next Journey? 
If yes please leave a message in my inbox and I will contact you.

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