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Imvusa Trading 2388cc Brokerages and Investing
Montague Gardens, Western Cape - South Africa

Imvusa Trading 2388cc Brokerages and Investing Montague Gardens, Western Cape - South Africa

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Imvusa Trading 2388cc Brokerages and Investing Montague Gardens, Western Cape - South Africa


R7000=R108 000
The following apply for your R7000 investment:
* You will receive a freezer R3000 that will carry fish product with advertise and company logo on which will be bought and be owned by you the investor.
*The Fish Box will be stocked up with R4050 fish product which will also be owned by you the investor
*You will appoint Fish Investments (Imvusa Trading 2388cc) as a sole mandate for a period of 5 years to supply fish product to your Fish Box including the management there of.
*You will appoint the site holder of your fish box to sell your product
*You will appoint Pieter Herman Attorneys as acting attorney and accountant
The Profits that will be generated through your total investment per month:
Your Fish Box will be supplied with west coast flecked snoek that will be launched at the new site as follows.
Your Fish Box will be placed at one of our high volume stores with a total of of 90 west coast flecked snoek ready to be sold to public at R60/per unit at 2.5kg per unit.(average cost per kg range between R26/kg-R32/kg is the cost per unit current) we sell our snoek at R24/KG retail

You have a set profit on your investment at R450 per week
monthly minim profit R1800
per year R21 600
Duration of contract 5 years on your R7000 investment R108000 this is minim contract agreement set in stone you will not get less than this we have a contract.
Fish Investments will run monthly wholesale specials where you can re invest and make a bonus on your total investment profit share per month.Once you have signed up on as a investor we will discuss this further.
Fish Investments will not only be carrying snoek but other wholesale fish product however your Total profit a year will be no less than R21 600
If you would like to buy your franchise contact me direct looking forward in doing business
Link to The Fish Box> www(dot)therussian(dot)mobi
Cell: 0796476672
fax: 0867587839

Question 1:
You are not able to guarantee that all the stock will be sold per week so one would not be certain of making R450 per week or R1800 per month.
Answer 1:
All our sites are high volume trade stores “not the cafe on the corner”, our sites that our fish boxes are place at are trade stores that do not carry whole sale fish sold direct to the public ie snoek angelfish butterfish yellow tail ect this is where Fish Investments has seen a business for The Fish Box .Fish Investments headline product is snoek as this fish product is a key commodity of the South Africa fish market. Fish Investments case studies is the source of our due diligence that is calculated through commercial boats catches and there daily sales to the wholesale fish suppliers market.
Fish Investments buy direct of the boats to secure product direct from the fishermen at wholesale price to be competitive in the market with our sales to be able to out price all completion in the fish trade thus securing better pricing in turn securing the retail buyers to purchase at one of Fish Investments The Fish Box retail out lets through better pricing of product.
Fish Investments does not just place The Fish Box and hope for sales we have appointed sales and marketing representatives that work full time for Fish Investments and our sales representatives are armed with a detailed sales and marketing plan for each site and has weekly sales targets that will be reached for each site. A detailed sales report of each site of The Fish Box will be given to our management department and if targets has not been meet that site marketing and sales plan will be adjusted accordantly hence forth Imvusa Trading 2388cc Fish Investment company take the risk on us and our profits share to secure and guarantee the contract details of Fish Investments Investors to the total sum of R450 per week accumulated profit share of R1800 per month and R21 600 guaranteed per year and over Fish Investments sole mandate supplier contract of 5 years total R108 000 .
Question 2:
Who would be responsible for any theft or electricity malfunction with the fish being destroyed?
Answer 2:
Fish Investments will be responsible for the up keep and maintenance of your freezer through a number of points making sure all is well with the units and that all units are set to correct temperature for fish product supplied. Unit inspection will be done by Fish Investments Area managers keeping a close check on Fish Investments sales representatives handling of placed fish boxes. In turn this will secure that Fish Investments Inventors product stock is is well presented for sales.
Fish Investments site operators (stores owners) will manage maintain units and the fish product there in including from the allocation of unit in store to power points in conjunction with Fish Investments delivery staff, sales representatives and area managers your investment is secure.
Note If there is a electricity malfunction your chest freezer will keep its freezes of your product for up to four days given time for Fish Investments to take the necessary step to safe guard your product.
Fish Investments insurance will cover all theft of investor freezers and the product there in will cover damage to the unit ect.
Fish Investments reiterate that our investors are important to us and the fact that investors have taken this opportunity from Fish Investments company mean that you believe in us hence forth we will take all the necessary steps price of product insurance staffing marketing and sales to build a great partnership.
Question 3:
Who would be responsible for the rotation of the fish and checking that it is not lying there for weeks or that the older stock is sold before the fresh stock?
Answer 3:
Please check Answer 2 above however a add on to Answer 2 for Question 3
Fish Investments transport all stock from the different process plants to the allocated The Fish Box sites(stores) in cold box couriers to keep and maintain freshness of the fish products delivered. Fish Investment through the above mentioned due diligence only carry at a give time the necessary allocated fish product for that site(store) meaning that the boxes has not been made full to the top that the stock at the bottom is never sold Note because the store owners have share in the sales and a amongst other points mentioned in Answer 2 on sales and staff ect the fish boxes are maintained to that of the highest standard keeping Fish Boxes stocked and fresh we do not believe in dead stock.
Question 4:
Do you find the stores in which the boxes will be located or is that the responsibility of the franchisee?
Answer 4:
Fish Investments has current a number of stores ready for allocation it is a retail chain store group throughout South Africa.
Fish Investments Company included in the retail chain stores for single to double investors has other larger factory outlets for multiple group investor investments.
Question 5:
Does the store owner have to sign a contract as well?
As mentioned in Answer 4 Fish Investment has secured a group deal which has approval for the single to double Fish Box Investments Investor .
However Fish Investment reserve the right to place market sell distribute to any client that would benefit The Fish Box franchise and in turn the client site (store owner) will sign a separate contract with Fish Investments.
Fish Investments houses The Fish Box franchise and has franchise partners and site(store) partners which run the fish trade accordingly in the best interest of all parties associated to The Fish Box franchise
Points to take note of:
The Fish Box Investor own the freezer/s at R3000 a unit
The Fish Box Investors own the fish product up to the value of R4050 in the fish box
The Fish Box Investor owner is guaranteed R1800 per month for a period of five years
The Fish Box Investor give a sole mandate to Imvusa Trading 2388cc (Fish Investments) for a period of five years to manage and supply The Fish Box with fish product
Fish Investments over the above profit share you make a month of R1800 to you. Fish Investments offer a bonus profit share to owners that get involved by refereeing buyers to there fish boxes through a card discount system.
Cards that is given to you that say discount special on it with your ownership number you give this card to your friends family people and they support you fish boxes. By coming and buying at your placed sites they buy product and when they buy they give the card in the discount gets given and you make a bonus R5 per card on product sold.
The bonus differs when Fish Investments buy bulk and get a special deal we would want to push a product we came up with the bonus card system to push product every one wins with the loyalty card
I trust the above answers all your questions once you have decided to join the group of investors I will forward you the contract for you to view our sign and to get your investment secured
Visit www(dot)therussian(dot)
Contact Direct 0796476672

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