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book Heidelberg, Gauteng - South Africa

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book Heidelberg, Gauteng - South Africa


It Will Blow Your Mind


After meeting a 92 year old client in Frankfort the writer became aware that many people were disillusioned by churches.The client was practicing the agnostics school of thought and challenged the Bibles truths.

The writer realised that most churches were blinded by their dogmatic approaches and fail to think outside the box.This book is therefore an inspiring attempt to focus from the outside inwards, to make sense of it all still keeping true to the Bible with interesting facts along the way.

After reading this book, I want the reader to open up his mind,be inspired and experience a living God.


1. Train of thought

2. From Adam to Adam

3.Our 3 D God

5. Its all in the mind


7.Mind over matter


9.2012 and thereafter

10.After 7 comes 8

11.Heavenly Greetings

12. The end times

Asking the reader to unchain his brain and open up the mind

Confirmation of the Bible is complete

New technology explains it best!

Do you know the difference between soul and Spirit?

Its the climb

Long live the spirit

The cause of the new age.

Astronomical truth uncovered : 21/12/2012

The days of our Lord .

Eternal hope

Experience it, its here.

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