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2016 PORTA BOTE 10' OR 12'
Kempton Park, Gauteng - South Africa

2016 PORTA BOTE 10' OR 12' Kempton Park, Gauteng - South Africa

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2016 PORTA BOTE 10' OR 12' Kempton Park, Gauteng - South Africa


The boat design meets Coast Guard and NMMA specifications. All models have been tested at a U.S. Coast Guard approved testing facility. The production models exceed the latest compliance standards. PortaBotes are also NMMA and European CE Certified.
Porta Bote’s thick polypropylene hull is much more damage-resistant than conventional hulls. The strong thick polypropylene hull will not get breached by rocks, logs or reefs, and the flexibility cushions any impact.
The hull is made of polypropylene, an engineered co-polymer resin developed by the US aerospace industry. It contains an ultra-violet filter that makes the MATERIAL resistant to degradation from exposure to sun, heat or saltwater. The colour is imbedded in the composite and all that’s required to CLEAN IT is mild soap and water.
This material is flexible as well as durable. When a wave hits the side of the hull, it’s able to flex inwards by up to 10 per cent. This dissipates the energy of the wave and actually disperses its force by more than 90 per cent. It would take serious force to breach the polypropylene hull.
PortaBote’s special hull design and its flexibility on the water provide excellent stability. Its PATENTED, concave bottom locks onto the water surface and the deep V bow cuts into the chop, guiding it under the boat. The outer chine forces spray down, keeping the boat dry. The compact and lightweight hull is easy to transport. It folds to 11-centimetres thick and the 10-, 12- and 14-foot hulls weigh 26, 31 and 44 kilograms respectively.
There’s no need for an expensive, heavy engine either. Even a STANDARD short-shaft 3,5 hp outboard engine is strong enough to get the boat up on a plane with one person aboard.
Because the whole SETUP is so light, it’s not heavy on petrol (or your pocket) and is easy to row if the engine dies.
The patented hull hinge system is another innovative use of technology that makes the boat watertight. Hinges can take more than 6 330 kilograms a square centimetre and, the higher the pressure, the tighter the seals. In TESTS, hinges were opened and closed more than 500 000 times without a single failure, hence the 10-year hull warranty.
The PortaBote’s innovative design fills a gap in the market and there’s no DOUBT you’ll be seeing more of them throughout Southern Africa.
In fact, they’re out there already. If it’s not a fisherman throwing some lines into Lake Tanganyika, it may be a ferry to your dream getaway lodge. They’re used as rescue craft by municipalities and by wildlife AUTHORITIES and security forces to patrol rivers and lakes to combat poaching.
With PortaBote you get it all: performance, affordability, portability and EASY storage off the water.
This mid-size 12 foot hull has 3 seat rows and is the MOST POPULAR FISHING BOAT, and is also ideal as an all-purpose transport boat, for ferrying people, equipment and supplies. A popular choice for emergency crews worldwide, this boat OFFERS easy portability with a certified capacity to carry groups of up to four adults.

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