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Fourways, Gauteng - South Africa

Chickens Fourways, Gauteng - South Africa

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Chickens Fourways, Gauteng - South Africa


Chickens for sale
Backyard Chicken keeping is one of the most popular hobbies worldwide. Millions of adults and Children gain a huge amount of pleasure from pet chickens as well as developing an eco-friendly life style. Chickens are wonderful to have in the garden and as are a great help keeping insects pests at bay, We are the only suppliers with a large range including all the most popular Chicken breeds from around the world from petit ornamental bantams to some of the largest breeds. Including Orpingtons, Cochins, Brahma, Sussex and Auracana. Our Chickens are hand reared, fully vaccinated (7 Vaccinations) and incredibly tame and intelligent. They are ready to home at juvenile age 12 to 16 weeks and this is the ideal time to bond with your new pets. They will be delighted to recycle all your kitchen scraps. We also supply fertile eggs for all breeds if you have an incubator, and day to week old chicks if you would like to involve your children in the rearing process. Teach your children how to care for their new pets and make some pocket money on the side selling free range eggs to your neighbourhood. A sign at your gate is all you need. Very popular are the assorted coloured eggs, blue, brown, white, green, chocolate coloured and dark pink. Accommodation need be nothing more than a weather proof kennel and within a week they will be putting themselves to bed. Even Roosters are no longer a problem with the amazing crow collars now available online.

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