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E.B Board (R6,799)
Boksburg, Gauteng - South Africa

E.B Board (R6,799) Boksburg, Gauteng - South Africa

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E.B Board (R6,799) Boksburg, Gauteng - South Africa


CXM E.B.Board
What is an E.B.Board? An E.B.Board is Electronic Balancing Board. The E.B.Board is a self-balancing battery powered electric vehicle suitable for low speed personal transportation created by CXM China, sold exclusively by CXM Africa. It is broadly based on the Segway Personal Transporter. The Segway first appeared in 2001. It has been produced in New Hampshire by Segway Inc and the name means ‘smooth transition’. The E.B.Board is manufactured and assembled in the East. It is about the size of a skateboard and weighs only 10 kg, and has no handle bar.

The machine relies on a number of technologies to keep the rider standing upright and balanced. Through linking the output of five gyroscopes, strategically placed pairs of accelerometers and simple pressure pads beneath the feet, the system computes and produces the electronic pulses that are responsible for keeping a human upright or moving in a chosen direction with very little physical effort.

The gyroscopic sensors are used to reference an artificial horizon at all times. The pressure pads detect the change in centre of gravity of the rider. The built in accelerometers detect the resulting changes in pitch and acceleration and the combined electronic outputs of the other sensors are computed in milliseconds and cause adjustments to the impulses which flow to the wheels (the motors). By changing the output to the motors the vehicle will either accelerate or brake. This allows the rider to establish and then maintain a preferred speed by adjusting how much and by how far the weight on the pressure pad shifts.

To turn and steer a Segway the rider shifts the handlebar to the left or right. The Segway responds by adjusting the speeds of the wheels in opposite directions causing it to accelerate on one side and slow down or even reverse on the other. So if not travelling forward or backward it is able to turn on the spot. Since the E.B.Board has no vertical handle, turning is achieved by activating the swivel joint located between the two halves of the machine. This is done by applying some pressure to the ball of the foot while pressing down gently on the heel of the other. To turn in the opposite direction, do the opposite. The E.B.Board will also turn on the spot.

For safety reasons, the CXM E.B.Board is governed electronically to a maximum speed of 10 kph and with a little practice and some confidence this speed can be achieved relatively quickly.

Product Specifications
External dimension L584*W186*H178mm
Carton size L635*W235*H225mm
Pedal distance 30mm
Net weight 10kg
Max load 100kg

Product Parameters
Max speed 10km/h
Range 20km (depending on rideri¿½s weight and road conditions)
Max gradient 15Es
Power High-rate lithium battery
Battery 36-42V/4.4AH / 260WH
Charge time 120 minutes
Working temperature -10Es - 40Es

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