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Tino's Valiant World - New Spares Supplier
Midrand, Gauteng - South Africa

Tino's Valiant World - New Spares Supplier Midrand, Gauteng - South Africa

Available: 6 yrs ago
Contact: Tino Naidoo

Account Name: Tino Naidoo
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Tino's Valiant World - New Spares Supplier Midrand, Gauteng - South Africa


If you own a Valiant please visit our website for the best in used Valiant spares, new Valiant parts, repairs and servicing for your car. Tino’s Valiant World provides the following services: I buy old damaged Valiant cars for cash. I buy job lots of used spares and new parts for any Valiant. I provide referrals for parts suppliers and workshops who work on these cars. I have my own workshop at home for repairs and services, by appointment. I have Valiant repair specialists who know every inch of this car. I am able to swop your unwanted parts for parts you really need. Tino 0722295845 or email URGENTLY looking to buy a Valiant regal or valiant rebel in a running condition or a scrapped car. I need to any spares that you have available, from the smallest item to the biggest. I urgently need a starter, oil pump, alternator, 225 slant six engine, torquelite automatic gearbox or manual gearbox and diff. You let me know what you have available. Our inventory of parts: 2 Valiant alternator (will test on our bench) 8 Valiant carter carburetors (single barrel and double barrel, appears to be complete, used condition, as is) 3 Valiant dashboard with instrument cluster and wiring loom (looks complete, may need some tracing) 1 Valiant generator with external regulator (will test on our bench) 3 Valiant starter motor (will test on our bench) 2 Valiant 225 complete engine (used, as is, condition unknown, includes tappet cover, head, block, sump, inlet & exhaust manifold) 2 Valiant 225 crankshaft (large pilot bearing hole, no visible damage) 3 Valiant 225 crankshaft (smaller pilot beating hole, no visible damage) 1 Valiant 225 cylinder head loose (as is, condition unknown, slight rust, no valves) 6 Valiant 225 distributor (complete manual points system with cap and rotor) 2 Valiant 225 engine block naked (as is, condition unknown) 2 Valiant 225 oil pump (used right hand drive - condition unknown) 2 Valiant diff (one is slightly wider than the other with larger drum - condition unknown) 4 Valiant front suspension individual links and pitman arms (used but ok) 3 Valiant manual flywheel (used, as is) 1 Valiant manual three speed gearbox with linkages, clutch, fork and flywheel (condition unknown) 3 Valiant bonnet and fenders (used, as is) 4 Valiant boot lid (mixed, used, as is) 16 Valiant 14 inch wheel rim (9 narrower, 7 wider) 66 Valiant crates filled with loose parts, odds and ends, too many to mention, pipes, fittings, nuts and bolts. 12 Valiant doors (mixed, some complete with glass and mechanisms, some rusty, some slight dents) 6 Valiant radiator (used in a fair condition) 8 Valiant windscreen (back and front, different models, will need samples or exact measurements

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