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Health, Life and Wellness by Terazione Wellness
Bedfordview, Gauteng - South Africa

Health, Life and Wellness by Terazione Wellness Bedfordview, Gauteng - South Africa

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Health, Life and Wellness by Terazione Wellness Bedfordview, Gauteng - South Africa


INTRODUCTION TO REIKI Reiki (ray-key) which can be translated as meaning spiritually guided life-force energy, is a laying-on-of-hands form of energy healing believed to have originated many thousands of years ago, and rediscovered in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui approximately 100 years ago. During a Reiki session the energy is channeled through the Reiki practitioner and into the client where it works on all aspects of the client: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Since the practitioner is only acting as a channel for the energy and is not willing the energy in any way, there is never a danger that the practitioner will become depleted or take on any of the clients energies as often happens with other forms of energy work. Actually, one of the many blessings of Reiki is that during a session, both the client AND the practitioner receive the healing benefits. Reiki is surprisingly easy to learn because the ability to do Reiki is transferred from the Reiki Master to the student during an attunement. Though easy to learn, Reiki is incredibly powerful. It has aided in healing virtually every known illness, with numerous reported miraculous and even spontaneous healings. Reiki can even be sent to others at a distance when they can’t be physically present! Reiki uses, however, are not limited purely to the area of healing. It can also be used as a tool for spiritual growth, to empower goals and overcome obstacles, relieve stress, as a means of protection on all levels, to charge up the food we eat and liquid we drink with energy, etc. Because of the nature by which it works, the only limit to the uses is that of our imagination… and even that can be affected by the Reiki energy. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS : What is Reiki? Reiki is a natural healing system designed to assist in healing and help achieve balance. Reiki is administered by a practitioner, who serves as a conduit through whom the Universal Life Energy can be transmitted to the recipient, by either hands-on or distance healing techniques. Practitioners may also practice Reiki self-treatments. How does Reiki energy flow? Reiki flows through our palms at different rates of speed, depending on various factors such as the extent of the recipient’s illness, degree of blockage, his or her readiness to accept change, and so on. Is Reiki a form of faith healing? No, Reiki is not a religion, nor is it based on the acceptance of any religious doctrine. Having a belief system is not a requirement for Reiki to work. Reiki does not infringe on anyone’s right to believe what he or she wishes. However, Reiki principles are spiritual in nature and do encourage spiritual empowerment and growth. What is the purpose of the Reiki hand placements? Emphasis is placed on devoting five minutes on each hand placement so that no part of the body is neglected and to ensure that each body part is given equal consideration. Do I need to direct the flow of Reiki? Reiki will automatically go to wherever it needs to go with no mental involvement of either the practitioner or the recipient. However, when mental intention is used, a linear pathway is opened. This cleared route allows Reiki to flow more effectively to that part of the body where attention is most desired. Reiki Treatment - also known as Touch Therapy R 550.00 (Allow 45 Minutes) Reiki can help with Acute or Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Boost the Immune System, Deep Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Depression, Detoxification of the Body, Easing Symptoms of Cancer Treatment, Healing after Surgery, Pre & Post Natal Wellness, Reduce Depression / Anxiety / Panic Attacks / Trauma and MUCH MORE. With Reiki you bring steady improvement into every aspect of your life.

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