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Byansi Media Freelance Web Programmer
Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

Byansi Media Freelance Web Programmer Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa

Available: 6 yrs, 12 ms ago
Contact: Denis Kato

Account Name: Denis Kato
User Since: 15/12/13
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Byansi Media Freelance Web Programmer Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa


Hello world,  my name is Denis, freelance multimedia programmer at Byansi Media. Over the past two years I have found these tools so successfully for our clients in branding their businesses hence, taking them to a new level of achievement in terms financial success. Below is the blue - print layout.

Business Branding:






5.Cross Platform design


a) Target - to assist small and medium businesses grow through increased sales and broadening customer base.

b) Platform - Social media and online

c) Audience -  niche - market

d) Evaluation - research based solutions.


1. Increased on line traffic.

2. Increased online sales of products / goods or services.

3. Increased client / client base.

4. Increased profit margin through low cost advertising whilst increased sales.

Business Branding Tools:

a) Social Media

                    - Face Book fan page with only store and mass likes.

                  - Twitter mass followers

                  - Ning

b) Ad words

                  - Google, Yahoo, MSN, (major search engines).

c) Forums

                  - Product review forums (Yelp)

                  - Wiki How

                  - e How

e) Surveys

f) Rating gallery

g) Bulk emailing

h) Search Engine Optimization (top ranking of website on search engines).

i) Popular website development

                                        - RSS feeds

                                        - social media and button encoding.

                                        - internationalization (location based language translation, currency conversion,                                          dates etc..)

                                        - online store plus shopping carts

                                      - online payment gateways

                                      - forms - registration, contacts, subscription.

j) Database design for online and desktop data manipulation and storage.

k) Free online classfieds e.g GumTree, OLX,Organics, Junkmail, Craiglist, Backpage, Howzit. etc…

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