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5 Ways to Start on

Here’s how it works. You have a great idea or skill you wish to sell or you wish to make R50 quick and easy or maybe you have a product or tips you wish to sell.

Here are 5 easy steps to follow, so you can use as a place to start your business or earn cash for fun:

Step 1: What can you sell?
Work out a simple, repeatable, compelling version of your idea that you wish to sell, ideally to multiple clients. (see our categories for some ideas) Start Small R50 Slots and work your way up to More SLOTS

Step 2: Register with R50,
Use the space for your bio wisely. What are your credentials? What is your experience? Why should a buyer choose you over the multitude of competitor services? MAKE it fun and creative

Step 3: Get your friends and family to order your SLOTS!
This is the Monster Advantage where you can get your people to buy your SLOTS and spread the word! The orders, and the positive feedback comments, will get your SLOTS off the ground. You can even offer to pay them back if the money is an issue.

Step 4: Work hard for your customers and keep them happy.
Make sure you deliver your SLOTS on time to a high quality to every buyer. Try to maintain your 100% satisfaction rating.

Step 5: Listen to your buyers’ comments and response.
Good or Bad comments can lead you to improve your SLOTS and give you a fresh ideas for your new SLOTS. This is a cheap way to test your SLOTS.

Following these steps will gain you new customers and encourage repeat business.

Don’t be shy or modest. Your SLOTS shows you at your best, doing something you love in which you are an expert. Tell the world about YOUR SLOTS at R50 and people will come. That’s the beauty of selling on an established marketplace; the buyers are already there.

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