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VEDA Volunteer
Sandton, Gauteng - South Africa

VEDA Volunteer Sandton, Gauteng - South Africa

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Contact: VEDA Vitalab Egg Donation Agency

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VEDA Volunteer Sandton, Gauteng - South Africa


Egg Donation
Preferred age:     
21 to 32 years of age.
This visit will include a gynaecological scan to assess the suitability of your ovaries for Egg Donation. A medical and psycho-social evaluation will be taken, followed by routine blood tests.
Egg donation in South Africa is legal and paid for by the recipients involved, who also cover all medical bills for an egg donor. Compensation currently stands at R7000 per donation cycle.
There is no significant health risk involved with becoming an egg donor, and it has no effect on your future ability to conceive. You may, however, experience a small amount of pain and cramping from the retrieval procedure. Egg donation is time-consuming. During the donation cycle, to care for you in the best possible way, you will be given medications and you will make several visits to the clinic for scans.
You are giving a loving couple the gift of life and an experience they could not achieve without you. You will be given the medical testing free of charge. As part of the Egg Donation process your own future fertility is assessed and is always the priority. You will receive monetary compensation to the amount of R7000.

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