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Roslyn Kidney Donor Help
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa

Roslyn Kidney Donor Help Durban, KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa

Available: 5 yrs ago
Contact: Roslyn Rajah

Account Name: Devan Rajah
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Roslyn Kidney Donor Help Durban, KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa


This is what she has written:

“This day in 2010.My life turned upside down.I was diagnoised with Kidney Failure on both sides.
I did not know what to do.I did not understand what kidney failure was about.I thought,I was going to die but there’s just so much more, i want to do in my life.I was planning a lil boy baby with a gorgeous happy, smiling family but that has all changed now.I lost my little boy as well because of this disease.
All my dreams and hopes were shattered.
The average kidney failure victim lasts only a few years.I have been on the waiting list for so long.I’m losing hope. When you’re young thinking of all you can be, when you grow up and the achievements you want to accomplish.You push and try so hard to accomplish all of them but then life stops you in your tracks with a brick wall.
Its been 5 years since.I now live just for the day not knowing whether i will see tommorow.I had to make the best of every single day i had left.I had to come to terms with everything and everyone as i don’t know how long i got left.
Every year went passed.I was on the list but nothing happened.
I asked God why did you do this to me.So many people out there who do bad things have kids and don’t look after them properly.I always do good things,I help everyone,I love babies but i can’t have one now because of my condition.Why? Please tell me, Why?
I hated myself.I felt like such a failure in life.I let my family down.I just want a normal life and all the beauties in it other people take for granted.
Before i leave.I wanted to say to people.Appreciatte all you have now not later and i sincerely wholeheartedly wish everyone a good long life with many of its joys in them.

Now i realise that they are other beauties in my life.The beauty of having family who love me.Doing something to make a difference in someone elses life or change the world one good deed at a time.I believe, i can make a difference,before i go.
So World.I am a fighter.I will live life and be strong.I will not lose hope.I will make a difference in everyone elses life, even if i can’t have my ideal life.That will make me happy.I’ve done many things.If I’m in the hope thats theres someone out there just like me who want to help others.
I hope, just for once i am one of them being helped”

This is what she wrote.She really is a good person and has done so much for others.Please help her by donating a kidney.

Blood Type B+ or O will be compatible.

If anyone can help in anyway.Please let us know by emailing or calling Roslyn on 0735111627
Vasie on 0833138214

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