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Address: Manning Place, Cowies Hill, Pinetown

Cosmic Creations - Business Services - Advertising - KwaZulu-Natal - Pinetown

Manning Place, Cowies Hill, Pinetown

We specialise in marketing for small-business only, because it’s the small businesses that need a foot-up on the advertising ladder. We’re not interested in working for corporate companies because they can afford to hire big expensive agencies. But we promise you the same quality work as those big expensive agencies. The only difference is that we are a lot more affordable and often a lot quicker. we specialise in affordable branding for small businesses and have some great marketing packages to help small businesses get themselves 'out there'. we also design anything that can be printed, create ebooklets for you to share with your clients via email or on your website, take great-looking photos of your products for catalogues or web. And we have some awesome freebies with loads of marketing info on our website so click along, check it out and let us help you make your small business great!

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