Tel: 031 836 6071 Cell: 0744447333
Address: 120 Cowey Road Morningside Durban Contact: Andile Mtshali
Hours: 8AM - 5PM

INFINITUS TECHNOLOGIES Pty Ltd - Business Services - Advertising - KwaZulu-Natal - Durban

120 Cowey Road Morningside Durban

At Infinitus we are a family of presence and technology specialists. Our core role is to ensure that our family of clients is at the top of their technology “game”. This means that we make sure they are always using the latest and best technologies to streamline their business operations or attract more business. We work using bottom to top methodologies, meaning we work with our family of clients from branding (logo, letterheads, websites etc.) all the way to what network and back up technologies are used at offices. Bigger is better and we recognise that everyone wants bigger and better

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